New dlc costume packs announced at SDCC: Summer Theme!


“Summer Vacation” DLC coming to Ultra. Scuba gear Rufus, summer dress Elena, China dress Poison, golf club Dan, bikini Decapre, prep school Dudley, Hawaiian Blanka, and more.

Source: GAF


This remind me a lot these :smiley:


I know you guys want to see Blanka in a bikini.

Capcom maybe about to make your dreams come true…


Let’s go all out. Blanka in a banana hammock. All puns intended.

You know for a fact they will give Sakura a one piece school bathing suit.

Curious for the Juri one because bias



Pretty excited Poison will get one more outfit.

I’m hoping every character, or at least the one with less than four outfits, get some dlc love.


At least this image says “coming soon for all characters:slight_smile:


the only good thing about this, is more panties, yes panties !


Not big on any of em though Sakura’s isn’t bad and I like Poison’s tattoo. It works for her, though I was kind of hoping for something inspired by Miss Elizabeth.

Miss Elizabeth was probably the most famous female wrestling manager of all time (Macho Man’s “manager/wife” and was heavily used in his storylines during the 80s)


I love costumes. With a serious effort you could create a very good monetization system with them.


why dont they create costumes every year, sells them, and use the money as a prize for Capcom cup ? even 10% of the price could be big money


They should have fan-voted costume pick contests


More wasted concepts and retarded fan reactions to 8 bit blurry images. Capcom just say you’re borrowing ideas from the Mod community and call it a day.


I see so he has no pants for this one…


High quality pics