New Door Posters?

I was talking to a guy on the net the other day, and he told me Udon is planning on bringing out Cammy and Felicia door posters, much like the Chun-Li and Morrigan door posters. He said he found out from his comic shop guy, who apparently knows stuff.

I really hope this is the truth, I’d love to buy these two posters, but it sounds a lot like he was just teasing. Can anyone confirm this?

I hope thats true, a Cammy door poster would be great :smiley:

And Lilith too, while we’re at it.

Man, it was tough finding places to hang up my Chun-Li and Morrigan posters and not look like a complete dork whenever a girl comes over… More door posters? The back door of my closet is gonna be very busy, LOL!

Just a thought… Do not hold me hostage on this…

Wondering… would anyone wanna buy door posters of male characters?

HELL YEAH! You don’t look like some kind of pervert hanging up a Ryu poster unlike a Morrigan Poster which hangs on the side of my refrigerator you can’t see unless you pass the dining room and turn around or exit bedroom… I can hang a male poster anywhere. Bring out Ryu so he and my Chun-Li poster can be side to side. :tup:



Hell yes! I will buy any door posters you make,male and female of darkstalkers and street fighter.please do a Dan and a Donovan and Anita one.

If there’s gonna be a Cammy door poster, can we at least have Delta Red Cammy?

Yeah, please bring out some door posters of Ryu and Ken in speedos so me and Sano can buy them.

But seriously, sure, I’d buy door posters of some of the guys from Street Fighter, I like how they look on the big group poster, Ryu crossing his arms, like their finishing poses, that’d be cool, Ken and Guile would rock on my doors and walls. I have HEAPS of wall-space in my house, and not enough posters to cover it all (And I have a LOT of posters).

Delta Red Cammy is a MUST. I don’t know anyone who prefers Shadaloo Cammy. Delta Red Cammy can look cute, sexy, and tough at the same time.

And don’t worry Sano, if you’re bringing girls home who think you’re a dork for having Street Fighter and Darkstalkers girl posters on your doors, you’re not picking up the right girls. Go hang out at a comic con and find a good one!

The guy who told me this, which I still don’t know if it’s true or not, told me that after the Cammy and Felicia door posters come out, there will be Sakura and Lilith as well. Erik, can you confirm this? I live for comics and merchandise.

No, I don’t care about males.

But I sure would love posters of characters I actually care about like Sakura, Karin, Lilith and Hsien-Ko…

Then I guess I’ll be the first.


My girlfriend doesn’t mind that stuff so much, I mean, I still have SF toys all over the place, she thinks it’s cute, so long as I never bring up SF in the middle of conversation, but I learned that one a long time ago… but, I guess us guys are… well… like to keep our options open, yeah, that’s a nice way to say men are jerks… There’s another female friend I have who is like 100% Otaku, we lend each other Anime and stuff and have gone out a few times but we just can’t seem to pass the line of friendship and become something more, ya know? And I’ve seen some of the girls at Anime Conventions. Some of them look good, most of them are scary, (if you weigh 250 pounds please take the Sailor Moon outfit off) and Man-Faye just makes you go blind and forget the whole experience…

I also much prefer SHADOLOO CAMMY to the delta red one.Hopefully Udon can give us the shadoloo one since it seems in all the vs. games and latter games she appeared in was in this outfit.

I also would love to have-

So yeah,basically any ones you make I will buy.

Delta Red all the way!

A Fei Long door poster would own my soul and would be bought immediately upon sight of such a magnificent gift.

If Udon puts it out, the art will kick ass, so I’m not worried.

Just get Fei Long out there.

I would go for a Ryu poster.

I’d go for a Vega poster baby

Then probly Morrigan and Ryu