New Dragon Ball game with 8 player battles

It’s said it’ll be for Vita, 360, and PS3. Hope it’s better than Ultimate Tenkaichi

Sounds like it could potentially be a home port of that arcade DBZ game in Japan with the GGPO netcode.

Well it looks like it won’t have the same gameplay mechanics as Ultimate Tenkaichi, so that’s good.

If Battle of Z is anything like Zenkai Battle Royale then it is going to be a Raging Blast-esque fighter. The system for Zenkai Battle Royale however is slightly different from the Raging Blast system. They have changed things like ground movement, lock-on. The guard system. And probably the combo system as I believe the Zenkai Battle Royale uses a stick setup. The guard system seems reminiscent of Smash Bros. At least in visual appearance. The lovely thing about Zenkai Battle Royale being an arcade game is it has been receiving constant updates to the character balance. So if Battle of Z is the home port of Zenkai Battle Royale then we can hope it is at least a competent balance Dragon Ball Z game.

Updates to the balance:

Edit:- So the site has been put up now which includes a trailer(With terrible framerate I may add):

Seems that you won’t be able to play with your friends unless you do it via online. There is no offline multiplayer features according to the site. I hope the functionality allows for strict 1v1 battles as Zenkai Battle Royale does now. Otherwise I’m not too keen on the 2v2 or 4v4 structure which was originally in place for Zenkai Battle Royale.

Trailer is up for the game.


Welp, if that last picture from the trailer is accurate, Super Saiyan God is confirmed.

2v2 is the main way that people fight in Zenkai Battle. at least in japan. it’s most similar to the Gundam Vs series, which shine as 2v2 fighters.

but seriously: I don’t know how they’re going to do 4v4 without it being a clusterfuck. I imagine that they’ll drastically reduce the down value and make it so that aoe on most attacks isn’t very large.

we shall see~

It feels like a spiritual successor to DBZ Legends for the PSOne. Anyone else remember that game? It was pretty fun (at least when I was a child)