NEW DreamCast Emulator: nullDC v1.0.0 Beta (Runs games at FULL SPEED!)


Congratulations to the nullDC team, this is some great work. We have tested this emulator and it is now the best DreamCast emulator available. Most games emulate/run at FULL SPEED with minor glitches, if not, unnoticeable glitches.

>> Download the setup file (with installer) here. (Recommended)
>> Download the plain files here.
>> nullDC Compatibility List ** UPDATED DAILY **
Read the release notes (includes more screenshots): here.**

P.S. If you’re wondering if most of the fighting games work – they do. Take a look at the compatibility list linked above if you’re interested. :wgrin:



one thing though



you are my god

btw TDC v2 does not work on this :’(


Do they have a site? Are they still going to update this emulator?


this will ruin my college experience for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

even though it is a crappy version… 3s anywhere is a good thing :slight_smile: ESPECIALLY for plane trips and such.

  • I found my own answer * Thanks for the emu.


What kind of computer are you guys running this on? Does it have to be something spectacular?

Edit: nevermind found it here


You did well!</Krauser>

So…is this thing easier to setup compared to Chankast? because I don’t think Chankast is Chankastic.

…that went well.


I won’t hold my breath, but…netplay?


Odd, i don’t have “dc_boot.bin” file. Can anyone help me with this? PM me. Thanks.


ok, my problem is I cannot get it to realize I have a gamepad hooked up :frowning:

otherwise GGX[jap] is running at a smooth 60fps (slight audio crackles here and there, graphically fine)


Expect it probably in the next release. Here’s what they stated in the ReadME.txt file located in the setup folder of the emulator:

I’m curious if it’s going to use Kaillera or its own custom engine (server + client software). Seems like their hinting at a custom engine though.:confused:


…hey GameCop, could you please answer my question? thank you.

…that went well.


Well, I had everything running perfectly fine with Chankast. In fact my personal concern was not speed but speed limiting. So, this thing has a frame limiter? Cause Chankast unfortunately had none and most of the games run waaay too fast, even on a now clearly outdated machine…


Sorry about that.

Yes, it’s much easier than Chankast. Chankast was slow at times and very buggy. Getting games to work on that emulator wasn’t always fun as well.

The only “complicated” feature about nullDC is the plugins feature which allow you to change the plugin for controls, graphics, sound, and ISO/CD loading. However, the best plugins are the default plugins. So you really don’t have to touch the plugin settings at all, unless you want to boot from CD or change your control type (keyboard is the only option atm)-- or feel a little curious about what each one does. Last but not least, if you don’t find or have the correct bios – that could be a problem too (don’t post/ask for the bios as it is illegal).

I’m a bit tired right now. Hopefully, I’ll have a better explanation for you soon.
In the meantime, your best bet is to give this emulator a shot, and see for yourself.:lovin:


Any info about gamepad hookups? Not much fun if it only works with a keyboard…


Currently in the first release, this emulator only supports the keyboard. HOWEVER, if you download a program called Joy2Key … you can use a joypad. I don’t have time to search for it now, but you should easily find it on Google.


Thank you much.


got it, worked 100%

this rocks.


Awesome work, GameCop.

You are the law.

…that went well.


Hey if you want to add to your compatibility list:

Guilty Gear X - JPN

Video is flawless and smooth! Music isnt top notch, crackles sometimes on some levels. Overally great!