New Dual PS2 to PS3/PC Converter (Pic inside)

Think it’s any good?

no. why don’t you try looking in the converter thread.

Because there’s 76 pages and the search engine on this forums sucks balls, that’s why :looney:

First page will tell you all that you need. I believe all of the PS2->PS3 converters work will with PC too.

Well with all do respect to the user named laugh, I’m new here, I do not know him/her nor would I do business Online from a non-reputable store, let alone a forum user.

That sucks (for you), because he is as reliable as they come.

Only way you can get an InPin (one of the best converters around).

Can’t talk about converters for PS3, but I tried a crap load of them for PC, GameCube and XBOX and in my experience, there are 3 kinds:

1- The ones that work

2- The ones that work but lag

3- The ones that don’t work

Dealing with 1 and 3 is easy and as for #2, I do what I call the Shinkuu Hadouken trick meaning that if the controller can’t keep up with an actual double quarter circle move, then the converter is crap.

This will help, it’s the first thing listed. It has info on what lags and what doesn’t, and these people really know what they’re talking about.


Uhh…Laugh is a very reputable seller, if it helps any I ordered 2 inpin converters from him and they’re sitting infront of me right now. It was a very smooth transaction.

Got a pic of one of these converters?

To go with above picture:

Thanks guys, I’ll see if there’s a store that will sale those. I’ve also PMed Laugh to see if he’s willing to eBay these things, I mean I’d personally pay $30 + S&H if I could get it there.

EDIT: This kind of looks like it doesn’t it? The localized version perhaps?

Looks nothing like the inpin. Just get an inpin lol.

wtf is wrong with the OP? Laugh is as legit as them come also SRK does have feedback forums.
He’s been the korean part source forever. Lots of people have been telling you he’s legit and you are still being stupid about it. stop wasting people’s time by asking opinions on random shit converters. If you want a great converter there is only one option.

Hey toy cop, trust is something that must be earned, not something to be given away like a present. I’ve been on eBay for over 7 years now and I have a trust rating of 100%. So would you trust me with an outside transaction? Probably not and why would you, you don’t even know me >_>

Based on how you post etc. I don’t know what to think of you.

People here are being HELPFUL. You should just stop posting and read more.

After that comment this thread should be closed lol

fill in your details and you can get an inPin without any worries.