New dude on teh block, just saying sup

hey everyone i just wanted to make this thread to introduce myself to everyone, my name is Braulio Peralta and im from Astoria, New York and fighting games has been a past time that i have always enjoyed ever since i the 1st time i saw a steet fighter II arcade at my local movie. i always played at local arcades when i was younger “nicks place” but when that went out of business i part of me went along with it being that internet wasnt a big thing at time i had really no where else to play at except at home against the computer. that change when i started college at lagcc and joined the gamers club and when i saw them playing all sorts of fighting games i was so happy. i thought to myself “holy shit finally people to play with” i got my ass kicked alot but nonetheless it felt great to play against people not npcs, but when i heard about the evo championship tournaments i felt as if a part of me was reborn again. thats when i knew that i wanted to be part of this community. so i got now that i got this sweet job as a GED math teacher i bought myself, a PS2, CvS2, 3S, GG, and MVC2, and an arcade stick. im going to start with CVS2 hence why i am posting here because it is game that most of my friends play and the one i am currently enjoying the most(not that all the others aren’t good just i like to focus one at a time :wgrin: ). as of this weekend i will be going down to chinatown fair to start getting my ass kicked again, but just dont worry i ll get there =).i am currently a student at City College NY and i look forward to renbark on this great joruney i just happy to have been reborn even as a noobie (hey we all gotta start somewhere right) found this great communtiy and i hoping to become a part of it.

thank you all for making this happen =)

Hey man …you should come down to chinatown fair its always pretty competitive on fridays serious players all around who do you play in cvs2? if you need directions hit me up always glad to see some new blood around.

sounds awesome i google mapped it this morning and im going this friday to start up i cant wait!!! =) thanks for the reponses. i play or try to play for now A:Haohmaru:Ken:Blanka (not because 2 out of the three happen to be good tier characters simply because i have always liked them since their old school games) =) i believe that if you play a character you should play him/her because you like them because if you like them you ll do whatever it takes to make them the best you make them. =) because its the player not the toon =D imo

That’s actually not too shabby a team.
A-Ken’s good.
A-Blanka’s good.
Haoh? Some good folks beasted with him in A so there’s potential there at least.

Me like.

its always good to have new players.

welcome aboard

welcome, glad you’re playing CVS2.

lol if this was 03 the entire first page would have been “fuck you”

man srk’s changed.

Justin uses A Haoh, and I think he knows how to use him well.

Didn’t justin switch to vega/blanka/bison or some other C team cause that’s what I remember from the EVO dvd. Hao’s pokes are just so awkward and having very few links just makes it painful :. His moves are also fatty JD bait.

^ justin plays many random teams. current “serious” team is C-vega/chun/sagat2

I would have said fuck you!(lol) but good to see more cvs2 players…especially since I play at CTF too :tup: