New Dudley player, ask for help



Hi guys, i am currently learning Dudley and have some questions about him:
1 - Is it me or the dash straight follow up, after a Ex machine gun blow, is not so easy like dash upper?
2- About bread and butters, do i have to learn cr. lp - cr. lp - cr. mp or just cr. lp - cr.lp - St. HK is enough? I am asking this because sometimes, the St. HK whiffs, i dont know why…
3- Can someone explain to me how do i use SSB outside of okizeme? i have not figured how to use it properly on block strings.

Thanks in advance.


Click the link in the signature and watch all four beginner vids. It has everything you want, and need to know.


To try to answer your questions…

1- “easy” is relative to all of us dudleys, but practice makes everything easier.
2-Tut for all your bnb needs ( click 34s siggy) but with some bnbs, range is a factor so cr. mp is better than a whiffed st hk, but keep in mind you cant ex mgb from cr mp if im not mistaken. look for dp or light mgb or light ducking.
3- one way of using ssb outside of oki is throw punish while pressuring. Smug does it well after st. hp. It’s a real rewarding feeling punishing possible throws or CHS with a ssb. my favorite method is to EX ssb while in the corner, then fadc into corkscrew cross. If anything, practicing that helps with fadc cancelling in general.


Ty guys


I am a huge fan of your dudley man, keep up the good work. I love the ranked, pp griding videos you post, it teaches me how to aproach with dudley, if you post more videos like that, i would love it.


Shoutout to King Tut @Thirtyfour for making Dudley I can somewhat understand. I’d hung him up for Adon until I found his stuff.

I discovered the combo trainer recently. My links and the like are still terrible though and this is more to my not knowing the rhythm to the presses. Does anyone have combo info for Dudley to plug into that or is there a thread somewhere I could go to?


Is the stuff in those videos still good for Ultra?