New Dudley player need help! Gameplay Video



I’m kind of new to street fighter… not super new but still new… and It’s been hard for me finding a character I like… I started playing Dudley towards the end of AE and onto Ultra. So please help me out with some tips and advice!


I’m not the best but I think I can give a little advice.

It looks like you’re relying a little too much on j.HP to start your combos. Dudley has pretty good jump-ins but the jumping angle is pretty bad which causes you to eat a lot of anti-airs against someone who knows how to use them. Try playing a dozen games or so trying your hardest not to jump forward at all. Attempt to get in using neutral jumps, focus dashes, and just walking forward.

Once you start playing a higher caliber player, jumping is going to make you eat loads of anti-airs. Dudley has a very good whiff punish and hit-confirm game that can lead into monster damage. Practice that.


Did you watch the tut?