New Duke Nukem game to be announced soon, teaser site up already

#1 <-- Site got GGPO’d for now.

Game’s being developed by Interceptor Entertainment, developers of Rise of the Triad 2013(one of the best games of last year.)

These guys get it. They get oldschool FPS and the game couldn’t be in better hands. Maybe they’ll package in that Duke Nukem 3D remake with the game or release it for free. :tup:

In B4 DNF sucked and that this game’ll never come out.


they should just have duke join some other game.

say…in the next gears of war game.


No thanks.


only way I am playing


Mite b cool?


Will take 20 years for release.




Rise of the Triad would be the perfect fit.


Bah I’m a Duke Nukem fanatic and got let down by this series. Idk if my faith in this series can be restored. Good or not, I probably won’t buy this unless someone else gives me the cosign.


But your a orange cat now.


While it probably won’t take forever to come out…I doubt it is going to be a classic, fast paced, exploration based shooter like the original. I would expect a modern shooter experience with dick jokes. Even if it was the redeeming classic the hardcore fans have been waiting for all this time, I certainly don’t expect it to be very relevant for very long in terms of PC gaming culture. That ship has sailed.


I’m surprised they’re even trying.


How so? The company that released DNF didn’t buy the ip just to let it flop then move on.

If done well, this could revitalize the series. I wanted an open world Doom as well, with bases to explore and portals to open world Hell.

Curious to see them do some sort of Duke City here.


I guess I’m the only one that noticed this isn’t an FPS, it’s top down ARPG like POE or D3.


Did anybody ever even beat DNF? I got bored of it. I knew it wouldn’t be that good, but it just didn’t even make me want to keep playing. Plus I don’t even like FPS. Duke Nukem wasn’t even really FPS until D3, and that game wasn’t really that FPSy either.


I beat it 5 times.


…did u see the pics?


I wish I could Agree with this multiple times.


I think most of us still hunger for a true Duke Nukem Forever game.

Fuckin’ gear box or whoever really fucked up.


Gearbox did nothing but buy the rights to DN and released what was finished of DNF
The shit at 3Drealms is what killed it.