New Dustys Seimitsu Smoke, Maroon,Onyx, Blue Camo Full trans, Clear,Mirror Request

2.2mm Smoke,maroon/dark red, Neon Pink & Orange Plexi
Some new stuff I’ve been working on. Onyx,Blue camo and cookie’n’creme The rest are some new solid colors and full translucent green

sorry for the dust

(the angle of how the picture was shot makes the cover look off but they are perfectly centered):confused:

Beveled clear dustcovers(40mm x 1.7mm)
Beveled Blue,Red,Green,Yellow and Purple(40mm x 0.8mm)
Clear Non-Beveled (44mm)

2 covers for $6.50 Shipped add one shaft cover for $1 shaft covers
(Pm if outside the country usually only very minor price adjustment for shipping)
Please try to post questions in thread and leave PMing for ordering
NO single item order minimum $6.50 items per order (So I can keep prices down)

**Gold/Silver dustcovers $4 shipped(Beveled 40m x 1.8)
(Large Non-Beveled 44m x 18mm) lower 48 **
(Pm if outside the country usually only very minor price adjustment for shipping)

Anodized aluminum colors 7-eleven colors still available for all sticks (except LS-32)

** For all Sanwa & Seimitsu Joysticks** I have powder coated colors Matte Black,Gloss Black Red yellowand White in stock I can also do custom colors such as Candy’s,Chromes etc. Powder Coating Powder-Powder Coating Colors-Powder Coating Paint As well as addatives such as Glow n’ the Dark and Metal flakes Powder Buy The Pound -Powder Coating Equipment and Supplies
Also available to powder coat metal control panels and metal bases bases. Control panels can be thickened to bring them even with there plastic base like I have with TE’s and Hrap’s. Extra buttons holes can also be patched over and coated. Some common examples of powder coating are the Namco, Agetec and Hyperstick top panels. but a more durable finish and completely rust resistant in comparison. Powder Coating is more than twice as durable than any wet automotive paint. I am also willing to consider specialized leftover powders as payment. I am only able to powder coat Metal
Please post questions in thread and leave PMing for ordering

Current thread orders *(Previous thread orders shipped and received) *
Button sets sold
White Sanwa set of 8 for Bartstation: Received
Seimitsu PS-14-GN 30mm Pushbutton, Black/Yellow :Received
Black and orange sanwa buttons and Sanwa balltop for Mr Sp:Received
7 Sanwa Yellow buttons and balltop for defghui:Shipping

**Dustcover’s/Shaftcover’s **
Red shaftcover and clear dustcover for Heddtrauma: Received
Two clear beveled dustcover no shaft cover for Francys Pai: Received
Blue shaftcover and clear dustcover for shinjinkun: Shipped
Gold/black dustcover,mirror dustcover and shaftcover for calm: Received and pleased
Large Gold/black dustcover and blue shaft cover for S :Shipped
Full set of Shaft covers for Meus :wink:

Translucent Blue/ANO and Purple/Bare Dustcover for Francys Pai: Preparing also added carbon fiber &blue camo
Black Onyx+Purple shaft &Chrome black PC gloss shaft for SEPU7V3DA-jIn:Preparing

pm sent

yellow Seimitsu’s set sold
added new white Seimitsu’s set

pmed about white sanwa.

update sold yellow Seimitsu set and white Sanwa set

added new item changed picture

did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes sir

Wondering if you read my pm?

Yeah I guess you missed the one I sent after telling you I found it lol everything is on its way

got my buttons today, thanks man

added new Gold/Chrome dustcover’s will try to add more detailed pictures tomorrow

dropped some prices on Button sets

PM Sent

Priced drop on buttons and tried to clean up the thread

updated people status

added buttons also willing to trade for other buttons besides white

Everything has shipped except for Mr meus I need to run to the store

Added colored Dustcover

Do you have matte shaft covers?

Matte black,red,Dark yellow and white for LS 32/all Seimitsu and all Sanwa’s

new pictures added