New DVD coming soon

AFM (Chun Li)
KSK (Alex)
RX (Urien)
Danna (Dudley)
Mester (Yun)
Sugiyama (Necro)
J (Makoto)
Namijin (Ryu)
Tama (Oro)
KO (Yun)
Pierrot (Remy)
Kokujin (Dudley)
Raou (Chun Li)
YSB (Hugo)

No Ken players, lol

I must have this DVD!

For real. Must buy.

Hol Horse: Seeing as you managed to find them and probably break through this language barrier, you should buy some and sell them to us humble SRKers. Please?

dammit, no daigo.

dude is hella good but seems like he never practices w/ the hardcore regulars.

hmm, i asked my japanese classmate about this, he translated that it would just be 34 euros, which is highly 40$, cheap shit =D seeing as G-up vol. 3 still is 54 euro, but vol.3 has 340 minutes footage, and vol4 will have 120 minutes…

very true but I get sick of seein’ Ken & Chun-Li all the time. None the less I got mad luv for Daigo. I admire him more than Justin Wong.

I just found it out of luck… I was checking the Arcadia magazine website, just saw a 3s banner that brought me to the page I linked here. I don’t really know japanese, so I would be little help ^^;

J’s makoto is nuts … kind of mad that that ken dude isnt listed … unless he uses another char… I’m talking about dude that was shirtless at togeki2, he got a crazy Ken :open_mouth: but I wanttttttttttttt every 3s dvds

Nobody has respect for Wong. I still can’t figure out why though. I’m guessing people just hate on him for winning so much or something. Just an observation.

So how can a guy in SoCal go about getting one of these (or the other afforementioned) DVD’s? E-Bay?

Thanks in advance for any comments.

That was Spellmaster J. He seems like a funny guy. :slight_smile:

No Ibuki players? While that is to be expected, it is none the less disappointing.

ken is boring but daigo’s ken is just crazy. He can own people like no other.

i bought g-up vol.3 VHS which had awesome matches, hope vol 4 is just as good.