New Electronic Gaming Monthly is out now


At least the online version is up. I like the format on my widescreen monitor. This month’s content is pretty dated, but it gives you an idea of the feel. It says the print version returns in June.


The only gaming mag I ever subscribed to is back. Wheeeee.


They’re back? Who’s writing for it?


Interesting, hopefully they can bring back a few of the old writers/editors including Shoe. If they do, I’ll have to renew my subscription to EGM.


I’ll give it a read. Been meaning to subscribe to some type of magazine. I have nothing to read while on the toilet anymore.


Word, ive been reading 08-09 egms lately while on the can. It will be nice to get some new reading material. I hope its cheap or I can come up on a free subscription. I hope the magazine is nice and thick and full of good reading not choked full of adverstisments and thin as a game manual.


Wonder if they’ll re-instate my old subscription, I compounded so many of those free subscription promotions, I think I was good through 2012. Magazine was nothing spectacular, but more than sufficient for a trip to the can.


They are. Bitmob + Area5 (ex-Sendai/Ziff era folks) are contributing content. In what way, it hasn’t been revealed.

I took a look through that online issue… awesome to see it’s finally seeing the light of day. Got me a little nostalgic, too… the whole vibe of the 1UP/EGM office can’t ever be duplicated. I miss working with those guys.