New England/Massachusetts Game Store (Tournies)

Hi everyone! I’m trying to help a store get together it’s own scene. I brought up the idea and they’re now transitioning from just MTG store to also having TVs and systems to play casual/competitive games. We’d love to see you here and are looking for some good competition!

Regular video game play is available for a small fee.

$2.00 / 1 HOUR

$5.00 / Unlimited Play 1 DAY

$50.00 / Unlimited Play 1 YEAR

VIDEO GAME Tournaments will be hosted soon!

Starting Sunday, April 7th

4:00 PM Start time

$10 Entry

Prize Pool =
75% of Entry Fees

Whatever the prize pool is,
the payout % is as follows:

1st = 40%
2nd - 20%
3-4th - 10%
5-8th - 5%

More info will be posted soon.


FIGHTERS: Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Brothers (Brawl & Melee), Playstation All-Stars and soon Injustice!

SHOOTERS: Halo 4, Call of Duty BO2, Crysis 3


32 Inch TV’S available for playing



MK Tournament best 2 of 3 winners/losers finals

Smash Brawl 2 of 3 winners/losers finals

edit: Added first event

You should edit your thread title to display where this store actually is

your FB link is borked too.

is a working link

sorry i didnt realize the links werent working. The address is on the website but the address is 444 central st leominster massachusetts.will start if enough people arrive