New England ranbat feb 21st! STHD, SF4, 3s, TvC, GGAC(first bar tournament!)

252 East Main st
Fall River, MA 02724

Tournament Schedule & Games:

  • Feb 21, 09
  • bar hours are 8am-2am
  • 12pm sign ups will begin
  • 2:45pm sign ups will end
  • 3pm we will begin with the following games:

3 pm start:

  • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
  • Super Street Fighter II HD Remix
  • GGAC
  • TVC

7 pm start:

-Street Fighter 4 ($50 added to the pot)


once again it will be held at my family bar on the function side . There is a wall in bewtween the bar so noone will bother us(im the manager). yes you can drink if you show some ID or soda water redbull and u can order food if u like (anything from steaks to burgers to seafood). There are bathrooms in the function space so I think that pretty much covers it. Ill post a couple pictures of the area soon its very nice.

Entry fee & prize structure:

$5 dollars for everything

Tournament Rules:
-Seeding will be based on your “TGA Ranking Battle Points”. If you do not have any points you will be seeded randomly.
-Minimum number of players needed for each game: 8
-Winners, losers 3/5 finals 4/7

Match-up and Game Rules:
-If you lose, you can change your team/character. Winner must stick with the same character until he loses.


Money will be split depending how many ppl show 60/30/10. Im not noing to split of there is only 8 ppl winner will take all.

Point system details:
1st Place - 10 Points
2nd Place - 7 Points
3rd Place - 5 Points
4th Place - 3 Points
5th Placers - 1 point

I will also have a TGA can where you can donate and help out with the disaster that has happened. All of it will get to Andy safely I promise.

any questions? POST

I beleive im banning Seth also but havnt confirmed.

Blazblue is just out in arcades right now.

Anyway, this is a pretty nice thing, good stuff:clapdos::clapdos::clapdos:


nice ima try to get my ass there

do not try


im running something for sf4 that same day :frowning:

if worse comes to worse i’ll just cancel, since no one will likely show up.

paul fucking wall, THE ONLY people’s champ :tup:

COME DOWN TO PAULS SHIT! u will get top tier practice and theres no smokin of any kind in the bar so its all good

dont no if i can make it yet, but wall u can borrow my ps3 or xbox or a tv if u want homie.

The food alone is worth the trip to anyone who is iffy about coming

dat steak wit an egg and two clams on top!

“IN” being the key word

that post right der just made my heart skip a beat, sounds WICKED good

gonna try to make this

This sounds like it will be a ton of fun, will try to make it for HDR.

What systems will the games be on? PS3 I assume? What’s up with sticks and converters? I can maybe bring some stuff to help out also if necessary.

Eveveryone should bring there own stick but if someone needs a stick they can use mines if you have a converter and a stcik u should bring both. The games will be run on playstation 2 and 3.

your fuckin right

CB whats good holmes you need to give me a call when you get a chance you coming down anytime soon?

Your coming and your bringin all that shit, or u r de gay de *** modafoocka

sorry colin i didnt know its also during the gay ass gamestop shit on xbox pads but i like the day so im staying.

Lets go ppl get your head out of your asses and get out and come I KNOW U GOT UR TAXES BASTARDS put 60 away and come.

i’ll be there.

just canceled my time in the ballroom.

damn, I honestly deep down wish I could go. Haven’t been to FR in YEARSSS. Would be good to catch up with some people. Sadly, work, school and time are holding me back.
Hope everyone has fun, and good luck on this Paul.

actually, if alot of people come to this, and people keep coming to the future ranbats, i’ll work on a head head custom cab for wall’s place, WHAT’S REALLY FUCKING GOOD?!?!!!:cool:

all that to say your not coming? j/k too bad

thx goodshit colin

You know your my favorite asian right? Yes even more than Bruce Lee :china: