New England Ranking Battles 10-15-05

Tokyo Game Action Ranking Battle Results:


1st: Nestor Corchado aka A-groove Scrub
Team: A-Sakura, Bison, R2 Blanka

2nd: PJC the S-groove DEMON! (except he didn’t use S-groove last night:confused: )
Team: K-Blanka, Ryu, R2 Sagat

3rd: Tony Barnage aka Black Ino :clap:
Team: K-Blanka, Cammy, R2 Sagat

4th: Smoothcat aka Smoothkido,couch,scrub, etc.
Team: A-Honda, Bison, R2 Blanka

5th: Ernest
Team: Vega, Bison, R2 Blanka

Team: A-Kyo/Ken,Sagat, R2 Blanka —> RANDOM! :wow:


1st: Nestor
Chara.:Yun, SA3

2nd: PJC
Chara.: Ryu/Ken, both SA3

3rd: CB
Chara.: Yun, SA3

4th: Josh
Chara.: Ken, SA3

5th: Orochi Hades! SNK Ed! MUKAI!
Chara.: Hugo, SA1

5th: Smoothcat
Chara.: Chun-Li, SA2


1st: PJC
Chara.: Honda

2nd: Jamie Austin
Chara.: Vega (claw)

3rd: Josh
Chara.: Chun-Li

4th: CB
Chara.: Ryu/Guile

5th: Nestor
Chara.: “various”

5th: Dwayne
Chara.: Ryu


1st: Josh
Chara.: Faust/Axl Low

2nd: Jamie Austin
Chara.: Robo-Ky/Testament

3rd: PJC
Chara.: Potemkin

4th: Alfred
Chara.: Testament

5th: Dwayne
Chara.: Johnny

5th: David
Chara.: Johnny

Matche vids will be up soon (tonight or tomorrow).

:karate: TGA:karate:

I was only able to tape Finals for CvS2, GGXXS, and SF3s. But theres a slight problem, my encoder is not working properly and i can’t find a website to host these vids so i used “rapidshare” instead. Enjoy! :encore:

*Remember, these Finals were best 2/3.


Josh J.(CT) vs Jamie Austin(PE)

(Josh was in the losers bracket)


Nestor Corchado(MA) vs PJC(MA)

(PJC was in the losers bracket)

Match 1

Match 2

Match 3

Loser Finals

PJC vs Tony Barnage

Match 1

Match 2

Grand Finals

PJC vs Nestor

Match 1+2


you should try putfile for the vids

i would if i could. The files are bigger than 10 mb, and as i explained in the first post i can’t encode the vids because my computer has been acting up. Hopefully this issue will be solved soon.

We want CvS2 matches :karate:

only u do…
lol, jk, nestor is eastcoast cvs2!

i want my vids in losers final! my kara-palm fuck ups are superior!
Josh, encode the vids for him you nerd! or I’ll perfect you again! Then I’ll larn faust and take the number one spot!!!
file size owns my school 's harddrive :sad:
and i use ryu in st, guile is only for ed and vega
and ed uses, HAMMER MOUNTAIN!!!

thanks for the vids

me vs ernest money match.

nestor was/is ec cvs2 champ? when was this :confused: i think myself, justin and sanford and a few others will have something to say about that…considering we havent played in serious tournament matches since like early this year. :badboy: anyway see you foos at nec


CvS2 matches are up (GF’s are comin in a bit), and i putted the 3s matches in putfile form. Tell me if its any better.


I wouldnt freak out over that especially since i didnt say anything myself. Being “champ” in anything on the EC doesnt mean much to me, besides im the best in the world arturo.

indeed, you are the best player in the world that chokes at every major for some reason :sad: and you werent at ecc :frowning: but you be feeling yourself sometimes lol, anyway, no hate, we havent played in hella days anyway

there’s always some bitch nigga saying some dumb shit. yo art they just saying some stupid shit to try to get you and nes to fight.

Nestor’s king of CFJ son~

damn, PJBeast is back.

fuck nyc that is all

My comps been acting up, i’ll try and get one file videos up by tomorrow though.

Arcade machines; check out the vids :pleased:

Smoothcat/Mukai: Keep that HATE! but keep the :lovin:


Can you put the GG XX S vids on yousendit or putfile or something? Rapidshare is being gay.

Rapidshare is garbage. I can only d/l one file a month it says… wtf…

Gavin, try

Also I don’t know why Gavin called Nestor EC champ. I believe that both Ricky and Justin beat ness at “Battle for the Higher Ground” a couple of months back…