New England Ranking Battles 2-4-06

**FULL results

Capcom vs SNK 2

1 Nestor
2 Smoothcat
3 Ernest
4 Tony B
5 Gavin
5 CB

Guilty Gear XX/

1 Tony B
2 Adam
3 Jeremiah
4 Jjuice
5 Dwayne
5 Ralph

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

1 Nestor
2 CB
3 Smoothcat
5 Jjuice
5 Tony B

Super Turbo

1 Ernest
2 Nestor
3 CB
4 Smoothcat
5 JoeyCrack!


1 Tony B/Nestor
2 Nestor/Tony B
3 Commy
4 Tim
5 Ralph
5 Jjuice


1 CB
3 Dwayne
4 Ralph
5 Colin
5 Pat

Matches and Vids will be posted up soon. Keep posted, BEASTS!:devil:

good tourny lots of shit talking just the way i love it.

to bad puall wall couldnt make it. Good matchs to cb in 3rd strike the yun mix ups where sick

wow looks like Jjames has been playing a litle too much Tekken 5: DR

lol i didn’t want to come to this fucking tourny…

lol, watch me hit smooth with low forwardxxrush punch 4 times in a row, lol:rofl: :arazz: :arazz: :arazz:

yun v yun is retarttttteeedddddd:arazz: :arazz: :arazz:

and, nobody can ever beet my clark!!!, the fob destroyer!:looney:

CB is retarttttteeeddddddd

fastest ST finals ever.

Done like real men would do that shit. Best of 1:looney:

beasted on like a reterd with yun…never again!!!, hate hate hate:arazz: :arazz: :arazz: !!!