New Event Pack

Events 26 through 43 are now available.


Absolute Victory: Win an online match without losing a team member.
Perfect Performance: Win ten matches without losing a team member.
Event Match 10: Finish Arcade while your opponent has an infinite Hyper Combo gauge.
Event Match 11: Finish Arcade while your opponent has permanent X-Factor Status.
Ladies Night: Win an Online match with a team of Female Characters.
Ladies in the House: Win ten online matches with a team of female characters.
Event Match 12: Finish Arcade with the other team’s 3 members all being 1 character.
Event Match 13: Finish Arcade while your opponent’s vitality regenerates.
The Rules Have Changed 03: Finish arcade in 1-on-2 Battles.
Event Match 14: Finish Arcade while fighting invisible opponents.
The Rules Have Changed 03: Finish Arcade in 2-on-3 battles.
Event Match 15: Finish Arcade without being able to jump.
The Rules Have Changed 05:Finish Arcade in 1-on-3 battles.
Event Match 16: Finish Arcade where you die if you get hit by a Hyper Combo.
Event Match 17: Finish Arcade with your vitality gauge severely reduced.
Event Match 18: Finish Arcade with only combos of 10 hits or more dealing damage.
Event Match 19: Finish Acrade with your opponent’s attacks dealing more damage.
Power Match 01: Finish arcade with your opponent having 1 hit kill Hyper Combos and infinite H.C. Gauge.

Event mode is going to be coming to a close. Thoughts? Feelings? Opinions?

What was the point of event mode? Do you get something sweet for completing all of the events?

Pfft, event mode. Biggest load of tosh ever, time should have been spent on the actual game instead.

Way too many arcade mode events. I’ve kept up with them but honestly, if you’ve never touched them, you’re not missing anything unless you like titles.

It still haven’t completed the event “Find an opponent online in less than 20 attempts, 5 times in a row!”

My girlfriend loves them lol they actually were a big stepping stone in getting her into mvc. So for that event mode I salute you!

I’ve actually played quite a few of the Arcade mode events, they’re pretty interesting and it’s fun to see what kind of teams could effective for certain modes.

Man. People complain that there isn’t enough content or polish in MVC3. Then Capcom adds event modes and people say they wish they just spent more time on the multiplayer. =/

I’ve done probably a grand total of 3 or 4 events, but I’m glad that they’re in the game; I just wish they had been in the game from the start. More features = casuals are more likely to buy the game, and the more casuals buy the game, the more likely that some of them will realize “hey, I keep losing, maybe I should look for some strategies online…”

Personally think it’s pointless, unless you like the titles. Doesn’t help you in any way, unless you are just messing around.

Ever since I got the brady guide I wanted the title “You’ve Already Lost” and it’s finally available. I look forward to collecting all the titles some day. At 85% now. Glad shadow battle is seemingly over at the moment.

I think someone is a bit more apt to remember that it was down right frustrating to find online opponents than how fun events were when they consider buying a sequal.