New event/tournament tool

I’ve moved the thread here so that it has a more workable title. Refer to that for future information about the page/tool. This thread can be closed/deleted.

nice work!

Are you interested in tournaments which occur outside the US borders? What would be the process to get such an event added?

YES! Without a doubt! Right now, most of what is in the tournaments section is centered around America. There is one post for a tournament in Mexico and one in the DR which I tried to geolocate, but had some difficulty.

Needless to say, if you send me a message on Twitter (sf4answers) or email the admin (at) sf4answers (dot) com with the details, I’ll put it up. If Google Maps can geolocate the address, I can put it in.

I have a system in place to allow others to put the info in, but it’s dependent on a few other things, once that’s up, I’ll open it up to the public, but for now, just get the message to me (through email, or just post in the tournaments and events section).