True Karate sent me a tape from some matches he recorded a couple months back and i ended up with this i’ll be releasing more matches seperately that didn’t make the cut because of tracking problems on the tape or the beginning was cut off

Cool, downloading now.

Downloading a the moment.
Nice fast server.

It was good. I liked the matches and variety in characters. Only problem was…it´s too bad there wasn´t any sort of music or something like that.

that’s what’s up. thankx for supprting 3’s players in Omaha, Nebraska, +rep. Cam and Simon should be glad to see this.

Just watched it right now and I gotta say those matches weren’t bad for casuals.

I loved how the urien player was able to still set that guy up for a ex head butt when his unblockable set up failed him.

The matches were fun to watch though, big props to the players.

Good shit Tech, thanks alot nigga!

We hate eachother so our casuals are like matches to the death n shit. lol



All they were doin was trying to Parry ( Which they did Pretty well ) but other then that those matches where :tdown:

trying to parry all the time?? Ok u obviously dunno wth your talking about. Yoo is really parry happy but I just do it no trying to it homie

what a hater

thanks for the supplies.

They were pretty good matches and really fun… for the first few minutes.

Seeing the same matchups over and over got kinda boring. I know you guys play probably only one or two characters, but I can only get so much Ken before it gets dull. The Ibuki was hot while it lasted.

No Chun at least.

I think you mean, replies. lol

Great stuff Cam, when did you start using Ibuki and Akuma? I always see your shotos. Nothing new to me. Yoo Youngs Ken looks nasty on some of those!

Although I would have liked to see more Urien. The grab out of the aegis setup was cool but Urien still lost. ah

peace, keep it up

Downloading now…looking forward to seeing a sample of what I might get when I make my 3rd Strike road trip to Omaha :wgrin:

sweet ibuki !!

damn i see misses for dudley player X_X!!

now i can see that ibuki Vs Dudley match can be other way round then what i have thought .

the final match before end is awesom , that’s 1 good decent mix up for ryu XD


I guess I should use more Ibuki.:confused:
I try to use alot of people to keep em guessing wth I’m gonna do next.
Simons really good with Ken imo but if he strays away then its almost free wins for me since I know alot of characters as well as ke knows Ken so thats why there was so much Ken.
Plus Ken vs Ken is a personal thing between us.

Mojo: I’ve been using Ibuki since 2nd impact, every now and then I’ll learn something else with her and try to apply it.
Akumas old school too hes just fun but not tourney worthy to me yet.

thanks for da feedback, maybe we can start a series of these with characters yall wanna see vs…:confused: the blue Ken er maybe the red one.:rofl:


Seems everyone and their momma uses Ken these days. Mine’s the purple one, if ever. :lol:

Nah yeah, I like the Ibuki a lot. Really work on that more. It’s nice and refreshing.

How bout some Yang? Or are you just Yun only? =p

to be all honest with you , everyone wants to see ibuki more…
ibuki VS oro :slight_smile:
ibuki VS elena …

i’ve seen a great ibuki VS yang matches …2003 co-operation cup i think , japanese tournament .


I saw that Ibuki vs Yang fight your talking about, that shit is old and I still cant compare to that guys Ibuki or Yang! Japans too good.

I dunno about Oro and Elena from Ne. Nobody plays those chars here anymore. I can but I dont like em. I really think Elena is a secret killer character but I still dont like her. bah

People use Ken so much cause that fool is cold!
Ken can beat everybody imo.
I use Yang too man, just not on that vid. I cant play that good with him on a pad cause my short button is L1 so that kills all the short ex mantis slash crazeeness.

Ko Fiends got me stuck on Yang all over again after seeing him play in RI.
So I will be using him in vids in the future.

FREE WINS NIGGA!!! I KILL U…i guess you guys will have to watch the second vid to see TRUE DOOKIE get beat up

who had more wins at the end of the night?

nice vid.

True Karate’s Ibuki was badass :tup:.

the parrying was great, but in some cases you guys could’ve dished out a lot more damage after the parry. lots of instances where it’s just a c. jab ticked into a throw or just a c. forward xx Shippu when you had more than enough time to do c. forward x strong Shoryu xx Shippu. i guess it’s casual, but whatever LOL.

oh, and just to be frank and honest (because i’m a Dudley player :lovin:), Yoo’s Dudley has got to capitalize on those connected s. roundhouse x duck sequences. like, he connects on several of those where the s. roundhouse actually hits, but he doesn’t cancel into super even if he has the bar.


LOL. you were playing on a pad for all those matches? siiiiiick!


by the way i made a mistake the ibuki vs duds matches weren’t yoo young but another player butch

Fuckin’ scrub. Those were some excellent videos. Makes me wanna pick up Ibuki again.

Video=:tup: That scrub that doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about=:tdown: