New Family Guy Scene

I just saw this on TV, it’s viral right now. But I’ve looked around to see if you guys were talking about it, but its not up. Or maybe it’s somewhere else. Something like this I would have been sure Keits would put it up on the Front page.


Old as fuck dude. This shit was on the front page weeks ago.

I suppose in your defence it is sunday

But yeah, the current season of FG finished in May. Everything since then is a rerun and not new.

news comes and goes pretty quick on srk, and to be honest most of us only come here for the forums.

Keits put it on the Front Page months ago…kick rocks, scrub.

I also found something new you should check out:

Is this the one where the leet fiddler crab comes across the stage with a cane and an sign that says “That’s old, yo!”?

Yep. It sure is. :tup:

My bad.

Also, Manx and Geese Pants, get off your high horse and fuck yourselves.

Lock this thread and/or delete it please. I’m not going to have a pissing match with nerds.

Hate yourself much…

No. I like myself enough to not further an argument with someone with a mental disability. Which is you.

Then stop responding dumb ass. Their comments have no effect on you unless you look at them, choose to let them bother you, and then respond like a moron. Come on now, critical thinking.

Obviously not, you’re still responding.

Lemme give you some advice, new guy

  1. Read the fucking rules before hitting the new thread button. Videos go in the video section.
  2. Don’t attack users for calling you out on your bullshit
  3. Enjoy your upcoming infraction, and have a nice day

That’s funny, look at you posting as well.

For fuck sakes lock this shit already.

  1. I’m not new,
  2. I read the rules long ago.
  3. What Bullshit?
  4. Yeah. Okay.

Not new yet you joined a month ago? LOL

Get out of here. You’re fucking clown shoes (that’s still cool to say, right?)

Says the dumbass who posted something old…and WAS on the frontpage.
And who is furthering this by NOT owning up to his mistake and shutting the fuck up.

I dare you to push me off…

  1. Video in GD?
  2. FGD in GD?
  3. Front page stuff in GD?

Damn, I feel like this is a giant Val Signal in the sky.