New "Fanta" joystick - anybody try it?

A new(?) joystick called Fanta Stick… anybody here have any experience? The website has an English version which is really refreshing…

Funny that for being called a “Fanta” stick, that doesn’t look like a Fanta inside it.

Ha yeah I was just about to say that. And if somehow that is a Fanta stick it doesn’t look mounted correctly.

The shape of the case if kinda weird too. Looking at how thin it is I doubt you could even put real Korean parts in there.

Anyone know where you can get these? I’m interested in trying a Korean stick but I don’t want to spend a lot of money.

^ It appears this is the only way to get a hold of one of these right now

Ah, KOR->ENG translations are always worth a good laugh

Yes i love that they have a Motor insided

No way how about the KWONHO Stick!

The feel like game room. Awesome.

Thank you, this is exactly the info I Was hoping for. Since you seem pretty knowledgeable about the stuff in Korea, is there a particular joystick sold there that IS good for hacking and has a decent price point(but not Salaubi)? Perhaps that joystick would be available in the US by shipping?

And lol, yea, the product descriptions are pretty wacky. Makes you wonder if they write them that way on purpose because they know it reads funny. I like the picture of the baby using the joystick the best LOL

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :rofl::rofl::rofl:


*"A very wonderful joystick come out.

Is it play on the KwonHo only?


All Online Games!
CD Games!


At the same time when you plug
you can paly your game

In the unsuitable environment or because of your incorrect use method, Each part of your body will feel Uncomfortable,…"*

That’s pretty hard core ^

And good job on the info, Laugh. I was a little interested for a sec. :wink:

Lol, their ways of advertising is funny

you have no chance to survive make your time.

just want people to see this once again. probably the biggest selling point.

I have this stick. Bought it on ebay for like 65 bucks thinking it has fanta stick in it. The case itself is pretty nice I have to say. It’s feel pretty solid and maybe slight heavier than the TE stick. Actually, changing out the buttons to sanwa snap in buttons isn’t that difficult. you have have to strip the wires and put some quick connector on them and snap in the sanwa buttons. I am having trouble finding a stick with the right mounting plate to match the plate in the case. It doesn’t work the the JLF or JLW mounting plate from sanwa. I’ll post up if I can find a mounting plate that’ll fit this thing.

The stick isn’t that bad. I played with it a lot on TEKKEN 6.

Japanese square gate feel but with a different bat top shape. I approve. Not bad for a cheap stick, definitely would not recommend for modding though.

So would this be a good first Korean stick? I have been really curious about them for some time now but I don’t want to spend a lot of money getting a custom only to find out I don’t even like them. I also don’t want to buy a Saulabi and spend a bunch of money modding it. Right now I just want something affordable that I can buy to get a general feel for K-sticks.

That looks awesome.

“Vibration joy can be feeled by finger!”

“First using USB!”

“Ergonomics mould design and simple style!”

Who wouldn’t want this?

That’s awesome. I love the picture of the baby using the stick in the highchair…

Thanks for the clarification sir. I edited the title of the thread.

Ah, thanks for the info laugh. Glad I didn’t decide to order this one on a whim.