New Fantastic Four Trailer!

click trailer, not teaser…

Looks more epic in scope, and i like the effects, and how Doom 's role is left mysterious.
on the other hand, im not sure i dig this power switching plot point, and alba looks like an old maid in some shots…


She looks too much like a barbie. I’m not one to really get mad over small differences, but come on! I should at least have some sort of inkling that she’s got some brains in there somewhere.

Wow the surfer is a beast…

im fuckin hyped

Already looks 50 times better than the first one.

Though that’s not saying much since the first one sucked possum testicles

nah the first one isnt that bad…you all make it sound horrible…i’d rather watch this than the daredevil.

wuts up with the blantant doom shots? also…am i crazy or did johnny look like the superskrull for a moment near the end of the trailer? with the big ass arm.

^^ yeah really. I actually left out the theater please after the 1st movie. Unlike every movie this year ive seen this year besides 300. The 1st movie has a lot of “haters” but it really wasn’t that bad.

This can’t be any worse than the first…hell, the fucking TRAILER is better than the first.

this is a must-see.

Yeah didn’t mind the first one that much either. Though I’m not a huge FF fan maybe thats why. This on the other hand, looks fuckin awesome.

That’s what I was wondering…

I kept trying to pause at that moment to see if it was Super Skrull or not.

Looks better than I thought it would.

I still can’t tell exactly who that is.

ya know wut it is…johnny is part ben because the trailer showed he got sum of bens powers…hence why he looks like superskrull.