New Female Thread


Hey girls, I dunno if someone has set one up already, but I figured I’d put this up in the old place just in case so we can have a meeting up point. If feels good to be home!!!


BTW girls, if you guys want to move this thread to a better place or anything thats cool. I just wanted to get the ball rolling so we had a home base. Kisses and hugs peeps!!


it sure does feel good to be back now. I don’t think I’m so bored now. :slight_smile:

anyways, I talked to D9 and Rubes about that site thing, anybody else interested? msg me on AIM or e-mail me or something.

oh! and if you know anyone that would be interested too, tell them and we should all do an AIM chat conference thing. :slight_smile:

bai bai :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


What’s up. The damn Kings lost it. That totally bummed me out. I’m sick of the Lakers. D9 and TacoChan how have ya been? Practicing hard? Anyway, I’ll catch ya later.


there you girls are…this has been a crazy-ass week for me. SRK going down was just the tip of the iceberg. My grandfather was killed in a car accident in Cali Friday; one of the guys at the store quit, so I’m covering his hours this week; plus holding down the fort while the rest of the family went out West for the funeral.

when it rains it pours

this is my only day off this week too so I’m getting caught up with online stuff today.

D9: whenever this mural project takes off this summer in Lawrence we should get together and play a few rounds while the paint is drying :smiley:


sorry to hear that Ang. my apologies go out to you and your family.

oh yeah… there’s a girl thread in Fighting and in General. which do you want to keep? I really don’t care but I think for best interest it should be here.

Ang: do you want in on this site thing? msg me on AIM to know more about it. :slight_smile:

btw, bois are welcome too.


thanks TC for your condolences.

I’m so used to coming here for the girl thread to post; we can keep both I guess.

TC I’ll leave my AIM (angielina74) on this afternoon so we chat about this site thing you’ve got going. :smiley:


I really missed this thread. Hi Rubes what happpened to FR5.


Ang - Im so sorry babe! If you want to talk or anything feel free to call me at home or I’ll prob be at Ben’s this weekend, so you could probably catch me there if you wanted to. I’ll say a prayer for your family.


Yeah, Im kinda thinking that maybe we want to keep this thread in here. Its a little harder for other fems to find, but it does keep the wanna-be romeos at bay (boys already posting in here excluded! We love you guys!).

Hitman - actually, as of lately Ive only gotten one game in while I was at an arcade in TX…and I was beat down. sighI need some TIME to practice. Ive only gotten in maybe 5 games this past month.

OH YEAH!!! While SRK was down…I went to Project A-kon!!! It was fantastic and I had a BLAST! Too good! Like I told Tacochan, I saw a couple dressed as PERFECT reditions of Yurika and Kyosuke from Project Justice. Albsolutely PERFECT!! I took so many pics of peeps in spectacular costuming…wow. Too much cool stuff. I got two Sailor Moon handkercheifs (one for my sis and one for me), a Excel Saga hand held fan, and a bag of hard Japanese candy thats really good. I keep it at work now for those days Im close to a mental breakdown. rocks back and forth slowly Peeps, if you like anime - go rent or find EXCEL SAGA!! We got to see it on projected screen and it was so funny!. There were really good fan made music videos too. I definitly want to go next year. Ill have to thank Codiac for putting us Kansas/MO peeps up for the weekend. There was supposed to be a tourny there too, but it got canceled, so it was great that Project A-kon was going on too. I have NEVER SEEN so many school girls in my life running about. Some of the uniforms were pretty good too. I finally got my sailor uniform for swing dancing, but its too big in the shoulders and the waist. Im going to have to get it fitted…pouts.
Well, <( ‘-’ )> thats my “time away from SRK” news.


:smiley: LOL
D9: ok I finally got my comp shit straightened out whew nothing was corrupted thank god. PM me your phone#…I can’t find it here anywhere :frowning:


Well IMO my say so means zip but I say keep it here for the same reasons stated above, Mainly so horny dudes don’t fuck with you guys.


Ok I’m new to this thread…with the exception of TC I don’t know any of you gals. Where are you located/what games do you play? Have you ever gone to or placed in tournies? And…WHY DON’T I SEE ANY GIRL GAMERS up here in Atlantic north arcades for cryin out loud???


:Well IMO my say so means zip but I say keep it here for the same reasons stated above, Mainly so horny dudes don’t fuck with you guys.:

How does keeping it here keep horny dudes away? lol. No matter what you do, you’ll get the horndogs who can’t conrol themselves talking about what they want to do to girl gamers…

Just fuck them up IRL, thats the solution, heh heh.


Well i was thinking it would be a little harder to find them here but now that they have mad an ad or 2 bout the location, forget I said that.


Thank you ladies for putting a new thread up! I just found out this morning that SRK was back up so I’m just posting.

Angie, my condolences go out to you and your family. :frowning: If there’s anything you need let us know.:slight_smile:

I think we should keep the thread here, since we’re so used to coming here.:cool:

D9, I’m glad you had a wonderful time.:slight_smile: I’ve wanted to go to some cosplay stuff but I can never find it. I wanted to dress up like Ruby again but I don’t know if I will get the chance to do so again.:frowning:

I didn’t do much on any comp while SRK was down though on Shinakuma I found another female who lives in Maryland that was looking for other females. I told her to come here so hopefully she will.

Taco, keep me up to date if you need anything for the website. You know I’m more than happy to help.:slight_smile: Oh and since I haven’t talked to on AIM for a couple of days, I’m down to $28.20 on my dress!!! YAY!!!





pwwwease reply.



wonders how in the fuck can someone be this fuckin’ god damned idiotic

Didn’t you read ANY of the post in this fuckin’ franchise thread?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


did Elmer Fudd just hit on all of us???


thanks Rubes. heard back from the family last night too; services are on Friday and they’ll be returning Monday. this is too weird for me, not being able to attend the service. like a delayed mourning reaction. shrugs

Taco, still haven’t come up with a name or ideas for site names yet. I’ll keep brainstorming on that, among other things.

DarksydePhil: you’re right the horndogs are everywhere.

as for me, I’m in Missouri (near k.c.); play CvS2, KoF, Puzzle Fighter; never been to a tourney, yet. I work weekends so it’s damn hard to do anything WHEN everyone else does, at least until my work schedule changes. As for the lack of girl gamers in your neck of the woods; they could be hiding. :smiley:




anyhow i got two pm’s for your fuccin complain azz to know. I stated that cuz no one really stated that they can play GOOD AND ACTUALLY BE SOMEWHERE NEAR WHERE I CAN WITNESS THEM…

OH an now that i REALLY LOOK majority of these broads are from somewhere not even near maryland…

apparently you been reading every one of the “franchise post” yet freepostin an complainin

stop keyin dumb shyt…an get ya shyt striaght…