New Female Thread


I wish youldve told me this, my beautiful curls :wasted:


Well, yeah, but I just figured I’d let it do what it wanted. takes note that that is bad


:rofl: This thread is like a tips and tricks thread.

In a lot of ways it’s good to let your hair do what it wants really, but if you’re like me and you constantly dye your hair it’s good to get it constantly trimmed to help with the damage. You have to realize that the hair at the ends has been there the longest and has been through the most abuse.

So of course, cutting off the ‘dead weight’ so to speak makes your hair seem healthier, lighter and prettier. When I got my last haircut back in July (I am way overdue, but way lazy because no one ever cuts my hair right), the cut took off some of the hair that was dyed over from being white. Meaning, stripped clean of all color and as brittle as John McCain’s bones. :sweat:

Also in tips and tricks:

You don’t need foundation. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. If you’re under 30 you don’t need fucking foundation. You need a good moisturizer for daytime use, a good nighttime moisturizer, and maybe some fucking concealer.

All I wear on my face on the day to day is moisturizer, concealer, a little cheek tint (benetint from Benefit cosmetics is my go-to), and mascara. Boom, bam, done. Out the door in like 3 minutes.

There are a bajillion decent makeup tutorials on youtube, but the issue is that a lot of them are for super heavy makeup, which just doesn’t cut it for the day to day, at least in my opinion.


I don’t dye my hair, never have. I just want to be one of those girls with lush, vibrant brown hair, but right now, it looks almost gray. I need to get this hedge clipped.


Alright. The dude who made the hair product line for blondes makes one for brunettes too. Try it.

Also definitely hit up a salon and see about getting some lowlights or something. It’ll make things better. Salons are great for when you dont know much about hair dye.


Goddamn. I could(and probably should) fill a notebook with the stuff you’re telling me. Thanks so much. :slight_smile:


kief thread


thanks to whoever gave me the bad reps from this thread just for saying “guys 1 - girls 0”… the red matches my Av. i know who you are… ill be watching you (on the forums) :slight_smile:




I wonder whatever happened to TacoChan.


Who’s TacoChan?


One of the original OG females on SRK. The last I heard from here was 06. She was also cute. She would have got it seriously. :rofl:


Lol I see.


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Admit it, you’re only in this thread to read Phae’s hair tips. You in-the-closet bastard:looney:


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tacochan, you still around?


I’ve wondered that myself. :lol:


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