New FGC in the Bay Area, CA


Hey everyone,

I am trying to get a new FGC community started in the Bay Area, CA. We are posting collaborated news, tournament info, live streams and replays. We will soon have an actual website/forum up but for right now its a Facebook page. Please support us, if you can, by going to or look us up “Low Tier Entertainment.” Just like the page to get access to our news feeds and feel free to post on any videos or start new conversations!

Any support is greatly appreciated!


What part of the bay? We already have a lot of stuff in the bay.

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I’m totally down if it’s east bay and there’s Marvel 3 or SG


Yeah I don’t have a Facebook account so maybe the page looks better when you’re logged in but I don’t… get what this FGC is? There aren’t any meetups, or information, or players… it’s just a slow reposting of old fighting game news.

Got any website in the works? Perhaps a place to meet up weekly?