New Fighter: Dragonball/One Piece/Naruto D.O.N. Battle Stadium

The last two links on there are pics. New for Gamecube… I wonder if this will play like the Naruto games? Or maybe Smash Bros or Jump Superstars…

Looking at it, it might be PS2 also…

Lookin’ a lot like Superstars. Not necessarily a bad thing though. Time to put my Freeloader to good use.

On another note: Naruto SND 4 on DS comes out this month? That snuck up on me…

Woah, I will definitly have to keep an eye on this; thanks!:tup:


Oh yeah, I think a bump is required. Quite frankly, I’m surprised this thread isn’t crawly with people.
Gasaraki, Snowman, I’m looking at you!

Yeah, where are the Naruto people? I thought there’d be a bunch of people interested in this.

im getting this fosho~

It’s news to me because I’m not online a great deal this week, I’m decorating my room. Still, I’m definately interested now so I’ll be keeping an eye out. :sweat:

Awesome, I’m totally going to import this. Yay for the Freeloader !

I think these are just the same scans from before, just cut out… and I want to bump this. :smiley:

I’m a li’l interested. It looks like it’s made by the Narutimet people, judging from the Naruto model. Can’t say I particularly like that franchise, but as the others said, I’ll keep an eye on this one.

looks interesting

sigh I’d MUCH rather prefer a Berserk fighting game, but oh well…

Actually, both Bandai and Tomy are developing it; sounds like we will get a collaberation of game styles:tup:

i wish the game was more of One piece GBR style

Hmm I wish this was coming to the states.

looking sexy


looks like i’m getting some more use out of my freeloader, finally :wgrin:

Here are some new pics: