New fighting game in development

Hey everyone. This is just a post to help spread the word about our new fighting game that is already in development, Project Bloodlines. Our project lead will be holding a live streamed Q&A session tomorrow night answering (almost) any question you may have. Please help support us! Hope to see some of you there!

Q&A stream can be found at: @ 6:30PM (PST) / 9:30PM (EST)




Also, we are very sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.

Are there werewolves? Vampires? Sounds ideal.

Vega wants to join, he likes the rose.

Probably should’ve waited to announce something like this until you actually have some content from your game…

Who is to say we dont have content.

Then show it on the thread.

All of the content we have is stills. nothing animated yet (aside from the dev character for testing, thats completed) though our artists started animating the actual playable characters this past monday, along with backgrounds. Information will be shown / discussed tomorrow on stream.

Hope it comes out for both consoles

So instead of posting your content you already have in this thread you made…you are going to have us wait until your stream tomorrow?

No thanks.

You should’ve just waited until after your stream thing to make a thread here.

is there just defending? otherwise not playing :mad:

@Monkey66 - its going to be F2P on PC at first, if popular, XBLA / PSN ports.

@Geese - I posted this to pique curiosity…there would be no point in holding a streamed Q&A when people dont know about it. It makes sense to post the thread first so it, as I said in the first post, gets the word out. Theres no harm in it.

Don’t announce anything without having anything to show. You can’t generate interest that way.

Not exactly Just Defending, but something similar ;D

Any content or gameplay reveals coming?

What is the point of this thread? To announce a game with no content or information?

Why would anybody watch a stream or participate in a Q&A session from an unknown developer for a game they know nothing about and/or have no idea if they’d be interested in?

It’s like getting setup for a blind date by a complete stranger. LOL

looks really sweet bro, i say make it pretty anime style, mostly or all girl cast, maybe some guns, and nude alternate outfits. please make the game have a sexy story too

All I saw was some sketches of concept art. I don’t know how you and your team intend to garner intrest in your IP, but you’re counting your chickens before they hatch and that isn’t a good start.

Actually, the entire cast will consist of muscular men wearing nothing but baby oil and speedos. Also, all parry’s will be either have crotch thrust or butt bump animations.

The main character looks gnarly brah

Cho Aniki as a fighting game would be frightening.

Be afeared