New fighting game releases vs tournament game selection


So nothing else really worries me about all of the new games coming out except this, In 2 years there will be 3 fairly recent tekken games, and they aren’t sequels meaning the new one just throws the old on off.
For small tournaments the choice of which game make the roster will probably differ regionally, but with all of the new games coming out in a fairly close timeframe doesn’t that further seperate the US into smaller groups, love or hate SF4 for the last 2 years at least most people have been playing the same game and the fighting game community has gotten some benefit from that SF4 finals on G4, sponsorship to SF players.
So what happens to that when there is enough selection to have people play a game they want to play (KOF, MK, Marvel, Tekken, SF, BB, Arcana, etc) instead of having one national main game thrust upon everyone?

What happens to Evo? We’ve been playing almost 10 year old games games at evo for a long time now Marvel, 3S, ST before HD remix, with games already trying to fight for an evo spot next year what happens to the evo lineup once all of these games drop, is it possible do it without leaving a major game out? do smaller games have any chance of getting in? Just some stuff bouncing around in my head.


Melty Blood got in this year.

Melty Blood.

Let that sink in.



the future belongs to tekken, everyone will eventually be playing it.


Yeah but that exactly what i’m talking about. Melty, MVC2 and TVC at Evo are evidence of where the fighting game community has been at for the past 5+ years

  • Marvel is 10 years old and it still made it, Yes i know its marvel, but nothing has come out in the last 5-10 years to knock it of of the few available EVO slots.
  • TVC made it. nuff said. there wasn’t a game out popular enough to knock TVC out of EVO this year
  • we’re always going to disagree on melty and i’m not, knocking the work it to get it into evo, but it did get in partially due to there being an underwhelming variety of game being played. Do you think melty can still make it next year with SF4, MVC3, TTT2, MK9, KOFXIII out when it would still have to compete with MVC2, HDR, BB, Possibly T6 depending on how different the two are, for a spot? (Not even counting SxT and TxS)


evo is going to become more commercial every single year and lol at anyone who does not realize it


what i mean is that fighting games will come out at an increasing rate and you will never see any ‘old fighters’ again


But only the second half of the first post was about evo, my main issue is smaller venue tournaments that only have room/time for 1-3 games, what happens when those games aren’t nearly as uniform as they are now, right now most 1 game tournaments are SF4, what happens when that changes, and it doesn’t all change from SF4 to the one game and is instead split up?


no one will play the older games at small tourneys i mean look at small tourneys currently, it is just sf4 and like one guy sitting at an old crt who wants to play 3s w/ someone


But 3S is around a decade old, that won’t be the case next year. If all of the single game tournaments in and area are for the same game, no matter what that game is, its going to stifle competition in several new games during their first year, which is bad for the scene in that area and bad for the US as a whole.

If the guy in the corner on the CRT trying to find someone to play against is playing a very good game that is less than a year old thats a problem.


okay let me reiterate then [marketed game] will be played a very lot at all tournaments because it is ‘where the competition is’ and [nonmarketed game] will have one guy at a setup with no one to play with, if there even is a setup. it is how gaming works no one likes good games and there is literally not a single reason to ever develop one


First you say you’re worried that focusing on more games will “further separate the US into smaller groups”, then you say that not focusing on more games is “bad for the scene.”

Looks like you’re going to be disappointed either way.


Eh, I’d say that compared to many genres fighting games are still pretty much strictly aimed at dedicated fans. We haven’t had a jump comparable to, say, Call of Duty going from a PC exclusive competitive shooter to MW2 having Eminem commercials and Monster energy drink tie-ins.



and that’s it.

get hype.


this new belief in ‘Where the competition is’ is a some biproduct of SF4 where people decided comp was more important than playing a game that they liked, because there was a centralized fighting game for the last few years and no new good fighting games on many fronts.
Exactly which of these games don’t you think will be marketed: the 3 new Capcom Games, The 2 new Namco Games, the new SNK Game, Mortal Kombat? Theres too many games and not enough space and time at the average small tourny for all of them. And the emergence of one new central game that kills all of the other ones is possibly the worst possible scenario for the fighting game community.

Focusing on more game provides smaller numbers for each game, which means less comp, which generally means less growth.
Focusing on one game means several games are being neglected and growth in one is hurting the others.
The situation brings a downside either way.


the snk game will not receive even a slight bit of marketing and who knows if mk will turn out to be good


bleh, cvs2\mvc2 weren’t marketed @ all really and those games happen to last for 10 years where as MK vs DC got tons of marketing and lasted 3 months. Marketing is a fucking joke and if games get in because of that, I feel sorry for the scene.

Kof 12 should get in @ EVO for more than reason. No KOF game has been @ EVO EVER as a main game. KOF as a game is more popular world wide than SF so if EVO wants to grow in japan\asia\south america\mexico, this is an EXCELLENT way for them to start attracting those players. Its a win-win. EVO gets bigger and a good game will get exposure. I know EVO is trying to expand with their tournament in japan and to be successful there, the tournament line up will need to feature games that both japan plays heavily. Its not like you can take mvc2 to japan as a major game and expect people to show up. There is line you have to walk.

spot on!

I’m anxious to see what happens @ the next EVO. To my knowledge, I think the max number of games @ EVO was like 7 games @ one time. The year with mario kart as a tournament game. By 2k12, we will have 10+ potential worthy tournament games and they call can’t make the cut. Not unless EVO drastically ups there staff and TV’s.

The question then becomes which ones will? Since capcom follows EVO now, you can assume that the SFvT and TvSF will be tournament games and that automatically takes 2 spots from potential worthy games like MB, AH3 in favor of supporting capcom.


capcom essentially owns evo whether anyone likes it or not


Those games were the only ones released from Capcom in those 10 years.


Super Street Fighter 4
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Street Fighter x Tekken
Tekken x Street Fighter
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike - Online Edition

Oh? 6 games here. Evo runs 6 games. Coincidence? :amazed:


Oh, that’s fantastic.