New Fighting Game website - Supporting the Community!

Just to give a quick introduction, Im a student majoring in Industrial design with a minor in Interaction design, and for my current interaction class (Information Architecture), i have to create a website that has a mass amount of information (competitive fighting games), and design a website that will be able to communicate and guide the user efficiently through the interface to find this information.

SO my question/concern is, would people want/like to have a website that people could go to quickly find information on whatever game they are interested in, and also find games that may relate to their interests.

Now the big different between SRK and this new website would be the sense of community. SRK is all about the community with the forums n such, but the website im currently designing would be more focused on data and information, a strategy guide for the SRK user persay. So as many of you know, im sure with the new users as well, finding information on solid data (will this work, is this good, etc) on SRK can be rough, but its there. So what I would do is compile all the solid information as it comes, create a graphic user interface that would visually help the user understand/find this information, and then be able to create a website that would guide the user to these elements. (in contrast with SRKWiki which doesnt do well at navigating/supplying these demands)

Now if there is enough interest, Of course finding reliable solid information on specific games would be a heavy task, so what I would be looking for are individuals wanting to help the community through this website. These individuals would have to already been established players in the game, either providiing good information already in the forums, known in the scene, or just prove to have a good understanding of the topic…I have currently talked to Dark Geese whom is up for it, which covers a lot of the SNK side of things, but this website would most likely cover info on SFIV, 3S, MvC2, ST, and then the new games such as BlazBlue in the future…of course this all depends if there is a demand for these topics…

This website could also most likely provide a system for the current stick sellers in the SRK forums to help them sell sticks and get their sticks known.

Basically im creating an Information Driven Website, no forums (unless its specifically for the moderators). This website would have images like any strategy guide, showing normals, specials, links, etc.

So lemme know what you think, If you’re interested in helping PM or post and if you meet the requirements then id be glad to have you. Thanks.

EDIT: This is also a 6 week project. So either way, i have to get it done. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds nice to me. The SRK Wiki, although really good, is a wiki after all, and sometimes lacks character pages and other things no ones bothered to write up.

A structured, complete and good looking website detailing game mechanics and strategy would be great.

Well one main aspect about my website will be is that there is no open forums to create a community. So the site basically lives off of SRK, Tekken Zaibatsu, etc. Its basically Referencing solid information…I have no intention on creating a community, but merely making an Online Strategy Guide of sorts. So basically you get all the information you want without the contextual dialogs…

I love the idea. Do you plan on ripping information from actual guides or are you going to rearrange the data yourself?

SNK forum and website that mimmicks SRK called

Why not make site that is a gateway for every fighting game…

Like provide a link to SRK, VFDC, Tekken Z, 8 Way Run, Dust Loop, SNK whatever, Smash Forums or whatever, and provide a short summary of all of the different main forums for each fighting game.

Then let people add to the lists, like foreign forums for Korea/Japan. Sort of like an encyclopedia for fighting game sites on the net?

Well the website would have references to those websites, so hopefully If by chance they run into my site first before SRK, they would see the information given, find it helpful and useful, then be aware of where the scene is at the moment, then join the corresponding community of SRK, TZ, Dust Loop, etc…As well as SRK could direct people to my site to help newcomers understand aspects that may be cluttered in SRK’s forums…SRK is perfect for what it does, it has its community, and it has the information people are seeking, I am merely creating a site that will assist individuals of finding this information, visualizing this information, and then hopefully in the end bringing them closer to the community and the scene…

if your really good then it would be awesome to visit the site ,and look up a game and once inside have a page that explains the game and characters both with text and visually with pictures videos etc.:rock:

As you know Namy, I support this idea 100%.

I would help out if possible.
I’d prefer just to get more info on the Wiki though

If one person does this, it can take several lives to accomplish