New fighting games for 2008 which game will u play?

what new fighting game will u play for me KOF XII and probly SF4 if they have sakura.

What game are u most hyped for?

for me KOF XII

The one most likely to come to America. Couldn’t get into the first 11 KOF games, doubt HD sprites are going to do anything to sway me into it. Doubt Blaze, AH2, KOFXII, or SFIV will even release in 08, especially here.

SF4 and ST HD

Every damn one of them. I’m not picky as long as it plays somewhat decent. plus I’m hungry. FEED ME!

ummmm, i’ll give all of them a shot if its reasonable

Kof XII, i’ve got hopes for it, hopefully it’ll stick on me this time, the other ones haven’t
Tekken 6, just hell yes, end of story
SF4, i’m not too sure, i’m only liking one character in that game since its sf2 style…
Blaz Blue, supposed to be the spiritual successor to Guilty Gear, lets see what its got
Fate Unlimited Codes, 2d soul calibur to me… fail
Sengoku Basara X, supporting it in hopes that it leads to Sammy vs Capcom (a la X-men cota -> dat Marvel)
Akatsuki Blitzkampf, or whatever it is now, its got an arcade port, now a ps2 port plz!
Arcana 2, iono didn’t really like the first, i’ll check it out though
Melty Bread Actress Again, pretty fun series, switching to grooves, might take a look

what other fighters are dropping this year?

what he said

got battle fantasia on console if that counts. I’ll be scoopin that up too.

No HD Remix on the list?


(SF 4 takes second) :wink:

HD remix second because SF4 is STREET FIGHTER 4 ZOMG
Maybe KOFXII, hopefully the game won’t be degraded to only one usable team like XI.

i can’t get enough of online fighting games, or just fighting games in general.
some certain titles i may suck ass in, but others i’m almost godly.
fighting games are the only games worth playing my opinion, shooters come second!

all of em


ST is my favorite fighting game but sadly i’m most excited to play SSSB prolly because i actually know when it’s coming out:rofl: SF4 and STHD are definitely dream titles i tought i’d never see n i’m definitely looking forward to kof12 high res sprites as well:lovin: blazblu and t6 look pretty sick too.

No option for STHD or SSBB=:tdown:

Putting SF4 with those options is just flat out unfair this is the game we have been waiting to play since 99:rofl:

yeah well kof xii is beating it as of now so…

I generally try not to succumb to hype, but I am very interested in SF4.

most of them for me. i’m not a tekken or arcana heart fan but maybe i’ll give them a shot this time

The game I’m looking most forward to is SSF2T: HD Remix, Safe Condor Dive and new T. Hawk sprites > . SFIV is a close follow-up, I’m going to get as many quality fighters as possible. Tekken 6 doesn’t look that promising…

KOFXII because damn son.

SFIV. Dreams do come true. I am always hyped for KOF though, nice to have a game out almost every year.