New Fightstick or Mod?


I brought a Injustice Fightstick for really cheap brand new. I’m not sure if I should do all the mods for it or just buy a better fight stick.

I would change the gate, buttons to Sanwa, and likely add some weight to it. I have been looking at other fight sticks on eBay and not sure if I should just buy one of those for around $100-150 or do the mods for $50-75.



to tech talk we go


In the long run, your better off buying another stick.
The Money and effort that be poured into the Injustice stick would be better spend on a better stick in the first place.


What fightstick would you recommend that is between $100-150


I have had great experiences with madcatz stick, the korean stick is available last time I checked but if you can hold out untill USF4 I am guessing that there will be another run of sticks for that but that is just my own guess


Imo, the Qanba Q4RAF is the best value-for-money stick on the market. There is no other contender.


If you want it to work on both 360 and PS3 then I think the Qanba Q4RAF is the best choice.


Wouldn’t the wii U TE-S be a good buy? Even adding the cost of adding a MC Chthulhu the OP would still be on the low end of his range, with a ubiquitous stick design suitable for later modding, but with full Sanwa parts right now. I guess the snag comes in if he wants 360 support, that would push the price up.


Assuming he’s comfortable modding and already has the needed tools. Buying just a couple tools will push the price up. Personally, if I had it to do again (as someone who nodded the ttt2 with a mc cthulhu), I’d just get a 360 TE or Pro model and add the cthulhu to that. That said the quanba would be the easiest method for dual compatibility, and the cheapest as well (at least when it comes to brand new sticks).

Worth adding that you can usually find at least a couple good deals in the trading outlet here.


taking a different track than anyone else here…

If it is your first stick, why not use it a bit and see what you want to change?

its cheaper than you might think… if you get just the switches for the buttons they are $1.68 each,

then get a gate (if you really feel you need one) a 2lb spring and 1mm actuator to tighten it up… add some weight and you have an acceptable stick for relatively low cost.

Now the bad news is that it will take some effort to do some of the mods… (like the switches) but its not that bad. Adding weight is up to you… but you can be creative… epoxy resin mixed with copper BB’s is one I like and cheap.

Ultimately it will be your own preference… A TE or any other stick mentioned above are good choices too. Good thing about them is you start out with a good stick in the first place without having to do anything… (for most this is ideal… here in tech talk, this is not ideal as we like to change and mod everything to what we believe is better)

EDIT: I am an idiot and didn’t look at the OP date or that he just joined and hasn’t been back since… Its likely never to be seen by OP but who knows.