New fightstick TE (Round 2) - is this normal?

So, I’m very new to all of this and just picked up my first stick a few weeks ago and have a quick question…

Since day 1 I’ve been able to remove/unscrew the ‘ball top’ on my stick with ease, is this normal or should it be tightly screwed on?

It doesnt really bother me too much - but i do find it works slightly loose as I play and have to screw it tight again after a long session.


Remove the screws to lift off the top panel.
Look at the end of the Joystick, there will be slot.
Put a flathead screwdriver to the slot, and tighten the Balltop.

If you do not have tool to remove the top screws (3mm hex), then remove bottom panel.

Here is a visual instruction!
Step 1. Get a 3mm Hex Key/Allen Wrench and unscrew all six hex-screws off the top panel.

Step 2. This should be the internals/guts of your TE Stick. Prepare to grab your Flathead for the joystick part.

Step 3. Get the Flathead Screwdriver and insert it in that metal circular slot. (I removed the PCB and Gate; however, that is not necessary.)

Step 4. Proceed to tighten the balltop by turning the balltop counter clockwise (If I remember correctly) while the other is holding the flathead in the notch on the internal side of the plate.

Tighten into place then you’re done!

For the time being wait till March for the photos xD

Thanks guys I’ll take a look tonight :slight_smile:

Or if your lazy just clamp the stick with a visegrip or pliers and tighten…

But there is a Shaft Cover.
Unless he removes it.

No You just clamp it like a fucking man , it will be fine, he wont get less pussy for some unseen bitemarks on the plastic dust washer/dustcover …

i know your a stick modder and cant be doing it to people sticks, but you can tell by the question he has never been in a stick and he probably could benefit from learning to crack a stick open and learn how to change and do everything…But from from someone who has had to do it while playing and not in the mood for cracking the whole stick , a visegrip does fine if you dont care about some dude asking why your shaft cover has a bite mark …But all my sticks have bite marks even on the bare shafts cuz i always do it…i run bareshaft with proper sized dust cover, but i doubt he has these parts around, im just giving him the 30 second no thought ez fix

I hate it when my balls are loose… you want to grip em tighter but your always thinking of your ball popping off in your hand… scary…
bare shafting is manly…

Thank you …bareshafts all fun until you catch or breaksomething

Im thinking of patenting my own trade mark…Bear shafting it RAAAAARWWWWWWWWW