New Fightstick!

I just purchased my first Fightstick, It’s a MadCatz SFIV TE. Can anyone give me some advice about how practice and get better with it. At this point I am probably still better with a Ps3 controller. I know Its just going to take time, but if anyone has any tips on what/how to practice that will help improve my game and be more comfortable with this control style that would be sweet. For now I am mainly Playing SFIII:Online Edition I also have MvC2 and Tekken6.

i played HDR when i got my first TE. i recommend playing that if you are up to paying for it and generally like ST. also, pick a grip that feels good and stick with it. also, make sure your not poking the buttons and that you have them overlaying the buttons like a keyboard. idk its been a year of having a stick and i still have issues with FADC and pumping supers/ultras really fast, but it just takes lots of practice.

and one more thing; make sure to practice all moves on BOTH sides which is very important. you gotta practice until you dont think about hitting the buttons and you just do it. and dont revert back to the ps3 controller because your used to it. it will just take longer. its almost like quitting smoking hahaha

but its worth it. i can never go back to controller (i still play on it sometimes at friends houses) because of the lag and the stiffness. YOU CAN DO IT!

Thanks! I’ll take this all into account next time I play. I think I still have $10 in my psn wallet I’ll check out getting HDR. I may end up getting MvC3 pretty soon too… :smiley:

my tips:
#1. BE PATIENT. You’ll suck and lose with it, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll play better and never go back. Give yourself time.
#2. Training mode: practice your hadoken motions, srk motions, ultras, and combos. 30x on each side. you spend 15 minutes a day in training mode working on basic execution, and thats 90% of the work getting used to it.

Thanks! I appreciate the advice guys!

^nothing new or mind-blowing, but a good article nonetheless. Good luck!!!

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