New firmware upgrade upscales PS2 games!

now we should be able to play SF:AC on HDTV with no lag

this is cool

is the ps3 compatible with every single ps2 and ps1 game ever released? i’m curious.

i like the streaming thing

good stuff

Wow! this sounds like good news. Another reason for me to get a ps3, but that price still does not convince me to get one… Won’t be getting one until MGS4 comes out. I hope it really is a full upscaling process of ps1/ps2 games and not a forced output like with the forced 480p through hdmi which caused built in lag.

This is the best update yet next to when our ps2 sticks finally working on ps3. I was playing Devil may cry and it was very dissapointing graphics wise. Then I turned on all the new settings for PS2 upscaling…I’m completely blown away at how much better it looks now! The ps3 is very very slowly becoming better. Now they just need more games…

It still lags 2 frames with the 1.8 update using upscaling on PS1/PS2 games, just like before the update. Confirmed with SF3: 3rd Strike and Guitar Hero II.

I think we will always have to keep our PS2s =/

There’s still lag? damn…

That’s very specific. Mind if I ask how this conclusion was made?

Read my post in the UPCB thread about why I think that’s a bad idea.

I’m sure there’s a couple of titles out of the hundreds (thousands?) made for the ps1 and 2 that don’t, but I havent heard of any specifically. The only major gripe was Guitar Hero 2, but the Pelican adapter took care of that problem.

Additionally, Guitar Hero 2 has an HDTV lag test feature which can give exact measurements of frame delay. The delay is consistently around 34 milliseconds on a normally lag-free display (one frame is ~16.5 seconds).

Well, get Sony to make PS3 not lag during backwards compatibility over Component/HDMI and we’ll all switch!

My HRAP 3 works with PS2 games, because it doesn’t ask you to push the PS button anymore. I have my HRAP3 on digital and switched the input in the menu to digital instead of analog (which is the defalut). The lag is not nearly as bad as it was before this update. I can do urien’s unblockables and tackle tackle headbutt in the corner. I can also kara palm with Yun. If there’s any lag then it’s VERY small, nothing game breaking. My display is 1080p and now there’s no flickering problems anymore. Thanks sony firmware update team :wink:

Best update yet.

Actually, the lag coming from the PS3 is exactly the same as it was before (which is unplayable for fighting games).

What probably happened is that the 2 frame lag coming from the PS3 is not as bad as the greater lag that you probably had before when you were outputting 480i/480p to your display.

However, for those of us with good displays, the lag is much, much worse than using a PS2 normally or even using an S-Video output with the PS3 (since the PS3 only forces scaling on HDMI).

PS3 BC is still far from perfect, and analog/digital controller settings do nothing to correct the issue whatsoever. The lag is there and it makes fighting games unplayable. You can even feel it as soon as you hit the character select screen. The easiest way to see how bad it is: pick Dudley and learn to do a jump in Fierce at the latest possible time (on a lag-free setup) and then try doing it on PS3 with HDMI. It’s an impossible feat. Or, if you like to see numbers, just use Guitar Hero II to test and see for yourself.

Too bad…if Sony actually cared, could the lag be fixed?

It’ll be fixed. No doubt about it. I like how everyone keeps getting mad at Sony when we all know they keep fixing things and release updates as they go. I’ll take small updates over shorter period of time rather than 1 huge update after several months. Keep up the good work Sony. And before you guys call me a fan boy, I have all systems… even though my 360 is down due to the red ring of death after getting it back from ms for only 1 day. Down for total of 3 times.

Yes. They could simply add one option for a fast deinterlacer (Performance) and one for superior image quality (Smooth) since there would be a slight sacrafice in image quality to do performance deinterlacing (the image wouldn’t be quite as sharp).

Since 480p and 1080p lag equally with backwards compatibility, the PS3 simply needs better code for 480i to 480p conversion.

Without having tearing on every other frame, or buffering it (forced delay), I dont see how that’s even possible. The interlaced draws every other line in one pass (frame 1), then the rest of the lines on the second (frame 2). If they buffered it so that the progressive displayed updated each full frame from the 480i input, then the 480p output would only update every other frame (30Hz, or about 33ms between frame changes). If they got slick and buffered whatever the last 1/2 frame was and merged that with the current 1/2 frame coming from the 480i source, then every other 480p frame would have tearing and look like ass. That last one is just theory though; I dont know of any components that can do that.

Didn’t SFAC have a native 480p option? Is it not possible to activate it on the PS3?

SFAC doesn’t have native 480p, it’s 480i-only. The X-Box version was the only one with native 480p.

The XRGB-2 series and the iScan VPxx series can all perform deinterlacing on 480i sources to 480p up to 1080p in approximately .5 frames, so what you described is probably what happens. There’s no tearing on the image though–when the XRGBs do it, there’s a slight “vibration” in the image but the iScans can do it picture-perfectly. I can say with certainty that both devices do a hell of a lot better job than the PS3 with 3rd Strike and other fighting games, the banding artifacts during parry animations and Genei-Jin on PS3 look horrific.

So there is no lag with SFAC, 360 and HDTV?

well, this news only applies to PS3, but I’m not sure if 360 already had this feature with its backwards compatible games. But regardless, I’m pretty sure SFAC isn’t compatible yet for 360…

Correct. However, SFAC on 360 does have a few glitches (superjumping causes the game to slow down) and there are also no good joystick adapters for 360 yet.