New Frame Data app "SSF4AE Bits" for IOS (with 2012 changes)


Hello forum, I would like to share with you “SSF4AE Bits” ( its a frame data app for Super Street Fighter AE with 2012 changes applied. Its pretty handy, you can sort, edit and modify the frame data if you find the need to, and there is a Block Punish section in it where you could quickly understand your options when you block a move from a specific opponent. We made it available for free, hope its useful for you guys.

I was largely involved in creating this app so feel free to let me know if you have any updates or feature requests that would make the app better for you :slight_smile:


This is nice, as a new player trying to get into the world of Street Fighter I find this app very useful for knowing what moves to use and the advantages on block. I have a friend trying to teach me how to play the street fighter games and coming from MK all the frame stuff is new so this app really helps with that mental part of the game. Thanks.


I like the UI. Are you planning on getting rid of the ads somehow? That’s the only thing that takes away from it


Nice app, I like how you can sort by startup frames … It would also be nice to sort by damage and block stun (as they aren’t included in the columns)… maybe for the next update?


@ Quentin: Thanks! Good luck @ SF :slight_smile:
@ Mafamaticks: Glad that you liked the UI. Unfortunately regarding the ads, thats the only way we currently have to support the development, we want it to be free
@ CobraKai: Thanks! Regarding the frame data columns, you can view the complete list on that same page by rotating your IOS device to landscape and you can sort the columns there as well.


from the look of it, seems pretty neat

what about for android users? :’(. lol


this app kicks ass!


@ HFX: We might be creating an Android version but it might come later on :frowning:
@ foger: Glad you like it!


I really like this app, the one I had before doesn’t have the 2012 data and was harder to read. Thanks a lot.


Where’s the 2012 data from? The updated japanese guide?


@ Conqueror Kenny: You’re welcome :slight_smile:
@ m16ghost: We actually applied Capcom’s published 2012 changes to AE’s frame data.


waits for android port


You shoulda charged!! I would’ve totally paid $1 for this and get you some compensation for your hard work!


been using this app for the last 4 months. amazing and handy. 10/10.
very much appreciated considering it’s free.

would love it if you guys made a similar app showing everyone’s hitboxes and hurtboxes :slight_smile:
yes i would pay $1 if you charged but to be honest, no more than $1.


given the time difference between OP’s last post and the posts aftarwards, i don’t think android users are getting this app :frowning: chalk one on the board for team iphone.


VERY cool app! Love that something like this was actually put together as an app. The timing is kind of nuts and appreciated lol, I was literally JUST wondering what Cammys optimal punishes would be on a blocked Jaguar Kick. Hop into the forum and see this. UI is pretty slick, it’s user friendly and simple to use. Nice work.


android pls @_@