New french arcade stick

Copy HRAP much?

yes i think it is ha hori stick but modified with plexi and joystick and buttons

A French stick? Interesting…

the coolest feature is the stick surrenders the match immediately after it starts. XD

Copy? I’m pretty sure that entire base and top plate is HORI.


how can companies so blatently rip off another’s product and get away with it?

what is this, I don’t even…

If anyone can get one, I’d love to see it’s insides, see if they copied it from Hori all the way.

dam that design is unique…

Sanwa stick and buttons (except Seimitsu for the 24mms I guess)

Either that, or they think it’s safe to use copies of Hori’s molds seeing as the latter has moved on to the Vewlix based designs.

…more like HCRAP. :confused:

You’ve got to admit, it has some potential selling because of the default white case. PCB looks really simple too.

120 euro?

Is there a reason I should pay 60% more for this instead of a HRAP?

Well, at least the european side of fighting game fans have something local they can get without paying an arm and a leg for shipping costs.

If its anything like the HRAP it should be piss easy to mod and pimp out.

French stick and no Abel art?
If it gives Europeans a good alternative than having to import a TE or is cheaper then it is all good.

Why would you do that if it’s already full-Sanwa?

PS: TE’s are plentiful here, too :slight_smile:

Does this page seriously have background music

We actually have the madcatz sticks here. Though I haven’t seen the new model yet.

Its not like the hrap was an original design from the beginning. The bezel and button layout is astro city.