New Ft. Lauderdale Thread - " 5'7 guy that's just my type " - Ssj2jeff

The Spot:
Zero Ping LAN Center

5400 SW 44th Terrace
Davie, Florida 33314
Google Maps
Door fee: $3.00

Videos of Ranbats Past:
YouTube - Option Select’s Channel
YouTube - eiSH’s Channel
YouTube - Benski’s Channel
YouTube - D’Nyc3’s Channel
YouTube - zeromage429’s Channel

Casuals/ Stream - Monday 6pm-2/3am
Casuals - Friday

**Option-Select Presents: Snapback Saturdays I (SSF4+MVC3) 4/16/11
**click link for more info.

Another month of gay titles. Grats Ft.Lauderdale, stay free~

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…only kelso is free in Ft. Lauderdale thats the word on the street.

Jeff if your reading this get on…WE IS RAIDING.

I’ll mm you a ft10 and see how true that statement really is. Just don’t get hit:D

I’m moving to Ft. Lauderdale pretty soon (June or so). I’m looking to be apart of your scene and meet some of you guys

Oo kelso got em one touch death kills…Be there at 5pm. Dnt get DJ’d(first to get perfected in mvc3 in SFL).

Thats cool man. When you do move just check this thread or the Miami thread as well to see where the action is at.

Casuals tmrw kk thanks. I passed by zp earlier and I think they rented like home depot equipments to clean the whole store.

Yeah, they’re starting the process of hopefully remodeling the place soon. It deff looks better. I’ll be there tomorrow around 4-5

Good games to kelso/james/ian. I know someones gotta be playing marvel 11pm at zp still.

I came and I showed wuts up.

tmrw casuals.

I know this is super last min but anyone know any good deals on flights to FR

no, but i found some good deals on train/hotel tickets for PAX East =P

~~~ Reminder ~~~ MvC3 , SSF4 Tournament tomorrow at Final Round Arcade Sign ups start at 12:30

I wish I could go with you =( VGOrchestra is going to be so awesome =( Go for me pls.


ill take pictures :stuck_out_tongue:

That is awesome.

Anybody going to ZP today?

Me and james are at zp now

I’ll stop by later.

I have been playing with a broken sticj for so long, but i finally got a chance to finsh my new stick and, its too nice…

ZP today anyone?

Ill stop by maybe 5. But im only staying for like 1-2hrs cuz gotta hit that sports bar for the heat n knicks son.

Be there a little bit after 5. Need practice.