New Futuresky Arcade Stick


The guys at Futuresky released recently their first new arcade stick and by the looks of it sounds promising and i tought some of you might be interested.

trailer here:

It’s been tested by the best players of Futuresky and aproved by Dakou (yessterday/Futuresky-TOP).

Details about stick:

  1. : The Futuresky Arcade Joystick was designed by our team and is unique in its design.

  2. Structure: The Joystick has an ergonomic design. The spacing between buttons and joystick is adopted from an international standard. The structure is patent protected.

  3. Performance: The joystick features arcade buttons and stick that are used in fighting game arcade cabinets.

  4. Details: Every detail was designed for professional use and made with care.

  5. Material: The surface is made of acrylic. This means the production was environment friendly and no pollution was caused by paints.

  6. Form: The Joystick was produced using a laser to carve the form.

  7. Details: All edges are fully rounded, resulting in no sharp edges that might hurt you. The material used reduces the friction when moving your hands on the product, thus it is comfortable to use.

  8. Personalisation: The top panel is designed like a sandwich. You can put a self designed picture on the product easily. Just unscrew the panel to put the picture between the two plates of your joystick.

9.Diversification: The design fits all players and their habits of using an arcade stick.

  1. Performance: The joystick performance will satisfy everybody with the demand of immediate repsonse of the joystick. Choose between 5 different stick types: Sanwa, Seimitsu, Cingshuei, City Hero and Promotional.

  2. Convenience: The buttons are easy to install and maintain as they snap right to the top panel. Also quick disconnects were used to swap buttons easily.

  3. High quality: The buttons used in the joystick are high quality buttons. Good functionality is guaranteed.

  4. Stability: Because of the good interior design of the joystick and material used the case will not break or change form even when pressing the buttons very forcefuly.

  5. Evenness: The stick is exactly the same thickness at any point of the case. The quality of the cover is guaranteed.

  6. Patent: The design of the joystick is patent protected.

  7. Sensibility: With a responsive distance of only 1.2mm the buttons guarantee a fast response time to the player.

17: Anti-Oxidation: The quick disconnects used are made of 0.5mm copper. The surface is plated with anti-oxide material and prevents the change of shape of the quick disconnects in the proess of delivery and use of the joystick.

No delay: The chip supports USB, PS2, 360, etc. with no delay of the input and reaction ingame.

Multi funtion: Enables memory and multi-action function.

Accessory disk (~4,8GB)

Content: Futuresky Arcade Joystick manual, Joystick testing equipment (Emulators like GGPO, Nebula, PS2 etc. and Roms for the corresponding emulator), Anti Virus software, Tutorial videos, Match videos of “Chenglong” and “Small Child”, Gamesoundtracks (KoF94-98. More details in the disk menu.

G Clip, 2 suckers, 4 buttons, 2 accessory disks and user manual.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB):

Extra thick cable used to guarantee durability and with enhanced data transmission. The connector is covered with plastic to protect it from oxidation and make it more durable and also help to avoid unwanted contact.

Packaging: The Futuresky Arcade Joysticks comes in a brown paper box with our own unique box design.

Before purchase: Our professional team with experience in fighting games and gaming plattforms will directly help you to choose the best fitting product and to use it like a professional yourself.

After purchase: We promise a 3 years guarantee. No risk in buying our product!

Information about prices, order…etc visit (english section) or directly


The see-through is cool.
Looks for using Quick Disconnect too.


i know this brand… i like their sticks a lot! i saw your forum/website through … great work guys


Wow, I’m lovin’ the look of these, how much do they run?


It’s a stick by gamers for gamers.Hard to find a good stick these days.In a day or two there will be prices in euro and dollars on, they are working on it right now.
If someone needs help for order or want to ask a question visit the english section of Futuresky forums.

3 years guarantee


I like that small 6-Button one.
This looks good stuff.


I agree, almost makes me want to slap two right next to each other as a CP you don’t need to worry about color matching to anything.


nice i want that clear top :slight_smile:


I couldn’t find an english section but the most expensive stick is 668 yuan which is only $98 USD… are these really cheap or am I missing something? A lot of the other sticks on the site are half that…


They successfully cracked the 360 security?

The clear balltops are sick.


I think it was a question about the price, i really get lost on that website somewhere I saw something about ?668 for the see thru one.

Is it really that cheap ? possible to ship cheap to Europe ?


Those clear cases are hot!


Really interested in these. Few questions.

With the models without the start buttons (eg. MJ26, MM26, MS26), where are start, select and home buttons placed? Based on the clear case models, doesn’t seem to be any.

What brand of buttons and stick comes stocked with the product?

What is the degree of customization on your products? Such as adding more buttons, changing button/stick brands (sanwa/seimitsu) or colours, etc.

On some posts, you mentioned about the PCB supporting all PS2, USB/PS3 and Xbox 360. Though on the products page, it mentions connections like “single USB connection / PS2 / USB+PS2 /USB+PS3 / XBOX360”. Can you please clarify these? Is there price differential for PS2+USB+Xbox360 support, cause that would be absolutely perfect.

I’m currently in Beijing, do you have a store front, or somewhere that stocks your products?


edit: nm

but why do people put start buttons on the face of the stick? why


if it costs under 200 dollars to buy one, and i see a few good reviews, ill get one.


Those are prieces for china.Prices for rest of the world will be updated soon 1-2 maximum 3 days


the biggest thing that would keep me from buying is the vewlix button layout. blast city layout and i’m sold. the sticks look super slick, who am i kidding i’ll probably buy one anyway.

ps: thank you, thank you, thank you for using 6 buttons! having 8 buttons is so goddamn retarded. unless you’re going for a neo geo layout, i guess.


For technical or any other questions you should visit the Futuresky english forum because i don’t have too much information about it.I am also about to make an order soon and will make a review as soon as i can.


really interested, but I can’t read anything on the site, and i get nervous from ordering from foriegn countries (esp. after StarCab ripped me off).

interested to hear more details though


I’ve never been a fan of suction cups…