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Hi there… It’s been really a long time, here is a simple picture of Rhadamanthys from Saint Seiya Hades, hope you like it!! Is the coloring is good or not bad or sucks! I just need to know… Thanks alot


Here is Abel also from Saint Seiya


Here is Aiacos

A simple design

:eek: :cool: :lol: :mad:

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Camus Tag ^^

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Yuusuke’s tag for a friend…

nice job on the art i used to draw saint seiya aquarious camus post pics soon need to buy a damn scanner and printer

really cool

yep,they’re pretty’s just a shame they’re not bigger…lol
very good job…:slight_smile:

Dark Milo:
From your name i can say you are one of Milo’s fans as well ^^ Well I am waiting to see your drawing about Camus ^^

ky master:
Thatnks man, no worries next time if I draw more I would put a pretty good site but don’t blame me if it was too big :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway here is a new design, I hope I did great even though I think its an old style :o

hey im dark milo anyways havent bought the scanner :frowning:

no im a big fan of CAMUS …SAGA and SHAKA

man was the HADES saga something or what…could watch the
saga over and over and would never get bored just wish they
had kept going past the 13 chapter and made the next hades saga from the comic :frowning:

sad sad sad :frowning: CAMUS,SAGA,and SHAKAS death :frowning:

anyways nice art and more power to ya :slight_smile:
!!!watch some of my work under fanart/my artwork!!!

ok here’s one sketch i made of ZEUS for saint seiya…
i maid it really quick im at work :frowning:

hey man sorry to top things off i had to down size the resolution becouse it wouldnt let me post a pic well anyways here’s the
other half…saga

Gouken I already saw these two pics in your thread but I cant find your thread now!! Anyway I say it again, it’s very cool especially the Zeus, the same costume from the manga, I just wish to see Zeus in this costume, it suites him well, don’t you think so n_n as for Saga you did a good job on the face, the same look really… Hope to see more, anyway check for Icarus ^^

Saga’s tag

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hey whats up man any new pics : ) i am making the drawing the new caracters from saint seiya tenkai hen overture …so you were asking why i took away my pics well im making new one’s and wanted to start off with the fresh ones almost finished

well heres a a sketch

yeah i am waiting for that new movie “overture”