New Game @ Evo2k5?

New Game @ Evo2k5? (No, it’s Mugen)

i walked in the hall at evo saturday night, and there were some guys around a laptop playing a game. evil ryu and evil ken in alpha style animation were dueling it out, dishing out some nasty looking supers. i’ve been looking around for what the hell this is, but i haven’t found crap.

is this a new game or some cheat street fighter?

ok, so it’s not a new game. thanks.

yeah its called street fighter alpha: generations.

a followup game on the upcoming smash 2005 movie hit, street fighter alpha : generations. :tup:

Thats probly Mugen.

Scrub :tdown:

probably mugen
-damn he beat me to the post-

probobly mugen.

not a new game. - check that out.

Shaq Fu >> Mugen

i know reu and king tiger very well…

both chars are developed by mugen institute.

BBH, king tiger, reu and a few other mugen vets made them.

i’m HEAVY into mugen bro, it’s the shit if u learn how to balance chars out and code all ur own stuff…

they are probrably the 2 best made mugen characters out, period.

I thought it was hilarious how people were putting sidebets on the AI characters fighting each other. I’m a former MUGEN addict, but I had never seen that Killer Whale before. Damn… not even Broly or that uber Geese character (haven’t played for a few years so he was new to me) could stand up to its hunger for flesh. Whoever made that character is a genius, and managed to outdo the hardest AI characters (Evil Ken/Ryu/Dan, Broly, Geese) in the game with a single bite :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you go to EVO? If so, you might have played me at Shaq Fu. I was the one setting it up and playing RF and MOV at it.

mugen was hype at evo geese took everyone

Are you serious? Are you fucking serious?? Shaq Fu?

God damn it…if you are serious…you should have recorded vids. Now I truely sad about not making it to Evo this year, again.

Yes, I am dead serious. Hopefully someone better equipped than me will come in and prove it. There is at least one faint picture of the game in the EVO Pictures thread, maybe more as I didn’t look through all of them…

Unfortunately I don’t own any capturing equipment, although I do remember some people taking photos and maybe a few seconds of footage.

hey, someone tell me where i can get this shit. i want to get this on my laptop ASAP

It’s too bad that MUGEN isn’t 4 player, too bad elecbyte just shrugged that feature aside…and the whole project. 4 player MUGEN would be fun at evo.

I’m going to evo 100% next year, seems like a lot of fun.

i was there all 3 days and i missed shaq fu!!? where were you?

Yeah I did. I was playing it with my friend Zanza on Saturday I believe. He whored the brokeness so bad.

no offense bro but im sure you could have just asked them what game it was there. I feel like you waited to go home, with the safety of the internet to ask this question. It’s people like you that give us gamers as anti-social.

Of course, there could have been a huge social barrier between you and the people playing or a physical one that I couldn’t understand, but i’m just trollin so :stuck_out_tongue:

I recorded some Mugen madness, and will be uploading the video soon. Can you say Transformers vs. Chomper? CHOMPER IS THE SHIT.

Well, I didn’t feel right taking a real BYOC TV for Shaq Fu (especially because someone brought Groove On Fight), so I waited for the Tecmo booth to close the first two nights and use one of their TVs instead. It was the TV directly facing the Saturn and Neo Geo MVS TVs.

Relax, the game will make another apperance next year (providing EVO isn’t at the same casino again) :tup: