New Game + / Final Fantasy V:R (hip hop mashup)


Palm of Ice did this years ago with the chronotriggerx2pac remix (we see you fam)
so might as well drop this now. Me and another producer have a group called City of Thieves, we make 808-centric beats with lots of videogame & anime influences. we remixed a friends album over our beats and called it New Game + which is FREE –
we’re also preparing to release a new mix / beat tape, called Princes of the Universe and have been dropping promo vids for it – [media=youtube]kQJ6EoZ1iiU[/media]

My partner also did a remix of some Final Fantasy V tracks and its superb, be sure to check it out.

check it out or dont, its free music and imo is solid stuff.
We appreciate feedback and support
Thanks for your time.


There’s a producer thread or something similar here in GD as I remember. You may want to post there before everyone else comes here and attacks you for posting in the wrong forum. However, going by your post count, you’re probably well known anyway from my assumption, so don’t take my advice.