New gameplan needed!


so im not new to fighting games at all at a young age (probably 2-3 years old nd dream cast was the shit back then!)i was drawn to the thought of marvel super heros like spiderman and capcom characters like megaman fighting in a cross over. mvc2 and sf3 were out when i was a very young so i wasnt able to grasp the deepier concepts of the games but i spamed hadokens like a boss. so now i play umvc3, most fun thing ever. i run dante doom strider and i can do alot of the more execution heavy combos but i took a break from the game and now im back i practice execution all the time so theirs no problem there. but it seems like every one leveled up while i was away and i consistantaly get blown up by every one because my approach/pressure tactics dont seem to work like they used to. and i forgot how to deal with some of the matchups and mixups if i dont form a game plan better than wat ive got ill keep loseing so i was hope i could get some tips from srk


There’s a difference between being new to fighting games, and being new to competitive fighting games. A whole different ball park. Messing around when you’re 8 years old at fighting games isn’t the same as learning how to study your matchups, learn the finite intricacies of your character, and learning how to deal with various play styles and the psychology of your opponent.

I’m not really sure what you’re asking for, but it sounds like you want specific advice. You’re best off browsing the UMVC3 forums and looking for better answers to your questions, but until then, you’ll only get general advice if you ask general questions such as:

“I lose a lot. I don’t know my matchups and mixups. Halps”

What I try to do is make players self-sufficient in trying to find ways to improve as a player. First step is figuring out what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. There’s always a reason why you lose, you just have to force yourself to pay attention and really analyse your own matches. If you can’t do this while playing your matches, that’s okay, at least find a way to record yourself so that you can play back the matches and really take a microscope to how you perform. Maybe you lost because your strategy versus a certain character or team sucks, and you need to re-work it. Maybe you lost due to execution error? Maybe you lost because your idea of blocking means holding up+forward? In any case, there’s always a reason, and a solution, and you’ll need to develop your own training regime in order to iron out those weaknesses while reinforcing your strengths.