New GamerVision Ranking Battle

New GamerVision Ranking Battle

It’s a bit torrent file. KO uses Yang in this one. Click on the first available link to download. I don’t wanna spoil anything, I’ll discuss after a few of you have watched it.

torrent seems dead my friend


that was posted a week ago, it was hot tho

KO’s yang is nice

It’s working. Check your connection or download new client.

best fight i think was K.O(yang) vs. Pierre(Urien)…i cant believe Pierre lost


i could never d/l any of their ranbats

that’s awesome, didn’t catch the link first time round. 42 mins of 3s!!! that guy ‘yamazaki’ i think, he had best 12 i’ve ever seen! but i haven’t seen many good 12 players.

this is a little off topic but does anyone know where i can get any vids of hayao? saw him beat ko at sbo and i really want to see more of his hugo.

He has that infamous vid of him parrying Chun’s SA2 into Gigas.

Also, for anyone having problems downloading the torrents, I recommend switching up your bittorrent client, especially if you’ve been using the default one all this time. I thought I was just fine using that myself, but there are plenty of other clients out there that provide better functionality, and aren’t complete resource hogs. ABC is a great bittorrent client, I can vouch that it works for all the ranking battles, if you’re having problems.

thx for the neg rep. parry… jerk.

i didn’t realise that was him, never seen the vid but i’ve heard about it. I like him twice as much now! anyone know where i could pick that up? or any footage of him, think i’ve seen all the vids of him on cv.

also if you haven’t got bt yet i’d recommend abc too. reliable and you can dl multiple torrents.

My favorite fight was def. Chun (Nuki or AFM forget?) vs. Twelve. By far the fastest/craziest Twelve play I have ever seen. He had that set in the bagdad, but he fucked up and ate Chun SAII to lose it. Moral victory though, esp. considering he is using the worst character in the game vs. the best (in the hands of AFM/Nuki to boot!). Not to mention a Chun-full parry in the next set. I gotta find out that Twelve players name, he’s the man.

Nice to see AFM and Nuki sent to losers to duke it out for 3rd place. God I fucking hate Chun.

And I wonder why KO was using Yang? Damn he is a beast with him I must say. Lotsa really good shit, but where is the crazy Japanese guy and screaming/yelling? There were alotta flip out moments too. That commentary was sorely missed IMO.

Wasn’t me buddy. However I’m not sorry you got negged, 3 people already said it was old, no need to re-state the obvious just to be an asshole. So you deserved it.

The torrent was dead when I first clicked on it but minutes later I got downloading speed up the ass.

Saw the vids, good shit.

Sorry then. Your the only premium member posted here so I thought it was you. <3

Anyways yeah the video is hot K.O’s Yang is tight. Props to Piere also.

Yes, because a Prem has to post in a thread to neg you. -_-;

I use Shareaza as my bittorent client. It works fine with other bittorents…dunno why never these ranbats

I’m currently using BitComet… I did use Azereus before, but some sites didn’t like the changes made to it in an update. But yeah, BitComet seems to be the way to go… great d/l speeds, and you can limit how fast you’re uploading too.

I haven’t had trouble d/ling anything, including Ranbats, so go check it out if you have probs.