New Games!


Hey all, I’m looking for some recommendations! I played SSF4AE for a while and I want to try a new fighting game, but I don’t like the faster games like Marvel. Are there any good slower paced fighting games like SSF4AE that still has an online community to play with?



classics like 3rd Strike and Super Turbo


First of all let me start by saying that you shouldn’t disregard faster games because you dislike marvel, you could end finding some game of your liking.

2nd, you should try battle fantasia but be aware that the netcode is quite bad.
Injustice and kof xiii could be another options imo.


I would agree with GGPO for sure. 3S, Garou, KoF '98, etc.

Injustice and SFxT are mainstream games that might interest you, both games involve a lot of footsies.

Persona 4 Arena is pretty noob-friendly and not overly fast, though you might not enjoy the relentless pressure.

Off the beaten path…Aquapazza is a very fundamental-focused game with a strong emphasis on neutral (though it does have assists). Vanguard Princess might also fit the bill from what I’ve seen.


Who among here are still playing Red Alert?


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What's the better game... DOA5 or VF 5?