NEW GameStop Exclusive Mortal Kombat Widget

Sounds like we might get a Mileena update on the widget later this month.

Dont know why its taking so long to get newer info out. The official MK9 site has new Mileena wallpaper (OHhhhh!! wallpaper!) out today too. meh.

I love wallpaper, but it’s just that stupid shadow one. I’m sure later we will get another action shot like Scorp and Sub have.

needs more characters. i am growing tired of Sub and Scorp all the time. I want more Ermac, who looks AMAZING so far, more Sindelly and final renders of Kabal, Kano & Smoke

Personally I think the WB’s marketing people need a good slap in the face. Their website is a joke and we only have 3 months before it goes gold and gets set up for distribution during the first weeks in April.

couldnt agree more. :confused:

When Jay linked Ed to the link of Mileena, he did a “WTF?”, lmao.

Hoping for more soon.

Yeah haha