New Gen Technology

Hello, I just made this video on youtube, it’s a cross up oga setup that

Works on:

Does not work on:
Fei Long

And probably a few more, but those are the ones that I tested. I will try it on the rest of the cast eventually, unless somebody can help me out with the full list =D

Can somebody teach me how to embed videos from youtube? I try using the embed code that they give me but it never works on shoryuken.

This technique is called “Crouching Crane, Hidden Oga” -thanks Thebook24


i just hit the media button and copy pasted from the address bar without the www

as far as the tech goes, id place this in shennanigans at this point. might be just me, but i cant think of many situations where its practical to go for 2 launchers without more hit confirming.

i guess you could go for the double roundhouse like you did, but i usually dont get both hits of the rh. usually someone blocks the first and crouches early. so you end up confirming from just the one hit, and i dont like it for me because the launcher is so unsafe on block

if theres a more practical way to get that exact spacing then yeah it could be moderately useful. also, cant you quickstand after getting hit with the launcher?

Just copy the page link of the youtube vid then click on the media button on on the text editing bar on srk then place the link there

Crouching Crane, Hidden Oga. I like.

Actually that’s a better name lol.

good shit it works pretty good i do agree that the launcher is that unsafe on block that is scary. Good to see it works on guile though. I have some I’m working on as well. I would like to post them up here if that’s okay?

You can hit confirm into the launcher. No need to risk doing it naked.

yes you can also empty jump or dash in and do it. things like that catch people off guard all the time.

go for it :slight_smile: I’m still figuring more stuff out too.

video is private :frowning: anyway i can watch it? thanks !! Anybody can let me know how to watch this video? its on private and i cant watch it !! :frowning:

ok I made it public for you. Another good trick is forward throw, walk forward light oga. It crosses up pretty easily, but its char specific!

yes of course! the more cross up oga setups the better. and other new stuff we find.

Interesting find :slight_smile: It’s a new setup that a lot of people i’m sure don’t know about it, especially the people that I use it on a lot, they’re getting used to it hahaha, thanks!

Although I wouldn’t put it under “new technology” :slight_smile:

I wonder if there are uses for mk gekiro such as spacing for futher cross up ogas that we just havnt found yet.

Also, what do you guys tend to do over a successful and blocked overhead?

Hit (+1):
I like to grab
S. Strong
Cr. Lk

Block (-3):
Gekiro (rarely)
S. Strong

If you can space something for MK Gekiro, chances are you can with HK Gekiro with slightly different heights.

As for overheads,
st.MP or block

Pray that my opponent doesn’t throw me then do a late crouch tech