New Gen Vs. Old Gen in a Kraylix


Hi Everyone,

Not new to gaming, but new to building a cab - actually new to purchasing a kit. In my case, that’s the Kraylix V4 2 player. I’m introducing my 12 year old to Fighting games and have spent the last few months gathering games for both the Xbox360 and Ps3 that I planned to run in my Kraylix.

Now I’m wondering if I should just buy a PS4 and call it a day. Looks like there are quite a few “old” titles that are popping up on the store for dl and those that don’t appear now probably will eventually.

So, I’m wondering what you guys think and why? Can you provide some pros and cons to going each way - old vs new gen?

Thanks for all your help…


I bought a bunch of older games on my 360 and I made a custom cab. I just need to run wires and cut a few holes. I’m not sure I would buy a PS4 if your only plan for it is to stick it into a cabinet.

These sections might help too