New GGXX/#R v.2? (testing in Ikebukuro)?

Robo-Ky only needed toning down in the sense that he needed to take normal damage. That was it. Nothing about that character was broken or really scrubby in any way, it’s just people tearing the fuck about him because they don’t know how to beat him.

And look what it’s done!

Well, maybe the game will be suprisingly awesome, ro it will suck…and if it sucks, we all know the Japanese will play the good one!

So far, only two of Millia’s things have changed. Her air HS has been altered, and also there is increased knockback after she ground throws the opponent, meaning she can no longer follow up after it (or if she can, it will be harder).

wherezza johnny infos zat?!

edit: :o

More translations and a second link are up on the first post.


Wheres the Potemekemon beasting :0

dude, I am FREAKING OUT!

Can you finish that thought?

I wonder if they made ABA worthwhile this time. She was horrible in Isuka.

Tension Recovery in Dragon Install? Yuck.

The Robo changes are…interesting.

At least they didn’t touch 236236+P super, haha.

He’s stupid-safe in his current form; the changes given to him make him more riskier to use since spamming Buzzsaws on wakeup becomes less effective (Guard Tension damage decreased, increased pushback), runaway Eddie becomes risky while waiting for that Summon bar to refill (not to mention you can’t float away without meter to be safe). But I’m interested in his j.K; if it beats out VV, I’ll be a happy camper.

Wow, Testament and Johnny gets a boost. And Millia air HS change might not be good if it doesn’t knockdown anymore.

Edit: According to above info, I’m guessing Millia’s air HS will have a new animation…

2nd Edit: Booooo! They nerfed Eddie command throw. No more EZ unblockables from command throw (probably gonna be harder or screen position specific now…).


  • New skill: The kind of punch which from step scoops the foot of the partner with the HS. Jumping up a little, it turns, kicking
    ??? addition (just movement does, but you stop at immediately before)
  • Modification: The thermal power fell entirely. Acceptance time of invincible sucking blood furthermore short. Dead angle is distant to S
    The sucking blood loop is furthermore the ? ? which becomes harsh. 2 - 3 loops limit?

WOW. If I read this right…

  • Slayer has new low from D-step (we knew that)
  • Bite loop limited to 2-3 bites! (okay-okay!)


If it beats VV, I’m done with the series.

Sounds like BDC got nerfed again, too.

Well, hopefully it’ll all balance out in the end after the playtest.

Slayer his roll-throw now. OMG Mappa (fake)! Wait, oh fuck bite! OMG he has meter, am I near the wall! FUUUUCK!

Outdated post. Thanks to everyone who translated and posted information.

A tiny bit more on eddie.

Workin (slapping Rezo) on the Anji part.

Rezo stepped out for now, so if anyone else wants the helm go at it.


I’m still not sure what to think about these changes. Guess I’ll wait until I learn more.

Just did the Pot changes. He changed quite a bit.

Holy Shit, Slayer has a low follow up to the D. Step!!! GOD!

The other changes are good too people will stop complaining about slayers bite loops and BDCs now. I hope the revisions make some of the stuff in the game more risky, because as it stands now i think some stuff is just to safe to do over and over again.

Wow, so whats going to happen to Ky now? And does that mean he can do charged blast in the air? Also, booo on slowing down May’s dust animation.

New Pot move sounds cool. Projectile maybe?

Heat Knuckle changes ain’t bad. Less damage sucks but buffed up meter is always good.

Faster Heavenly is great.

Nerfed FDB is a bummer, although I can understand considering it was an easy go-to solution vs some characters (namely Robo Ky). Hopefully the moves they made un-FDB’able aren’t ones he doesn’t have other options against.

Don’t mind less stun after Slide Head, assuming it’s not drastically shortened.

6P, (f)S, and HS slower? Not too happy with that, don’t see a need for it either. 6P wasn’t that great to begin with, especially vs fast air dashes (they’d just cross you up for free). HS was perfect as-is. And I felt (f)S could’ve been faster if anything. I heard about the ability to chain off 6P, is that true or bogus?

No gatling from 6K is a bummer, but I assume he can still cancel to specials. I think that’s fair, but if 6P is slower AND has no added gatlings, his anti-air game will suck ass without meter.

New j.D changes sound interesting.