New Gief Player To Arcade Edition: What should I know?



Just hoping to get an update and perhaps some tips on what to expect with my main Gief in AE. I haven’t played street fighter for at least six months. How’s he feeling for everyone here?


Same as always, except now he doesn’t have free 7-3 wins like he did in Vanilla or Super and Sagat and Akuma got way harder since you knock them down less.


lp SPD range= Comedic Gold/Extremely useful and a good thing to remember. Especially if you have an opponent that’s, like, mashing jab or something like that. Grab dem limbs!


Mashing lp SPD during an opponents blockstring will generate rage. If his blockstring isn’t flawless he eats a Pile driver.


Dont mash lp SPD during combos you will eventually depend on people messing up there combos just to get a spd out. And the smarter people will be watching out for that and just neutral jump. By mashing spd during combos all the time your not learning and your not really getting better your just depending on luck to do the damage for you. Use shananigans with gief say, Jumping Hp blocked or hit wait a second then through out a spd. to mess them up. Learn the range of giefs new lp SPD say a blocked scissors kick from bison will put you in perfect range for a lp spd. and if you think somebody is going to poke you pull out a lp spd or grab them. Also remember ex spd’s will put you closer to your opponent than a regular spd.

See what you can learn and what you can do with giefs new range also his ex greend hand they can do some things. They can expect a spd and neutral jump, Attack you,Jump away. Learn what your oppnent will most likeley do when you land a ex green hand get close to the opponent to learn what he will do and go on from there or even green hand and back dash to mess with them and hope for a wiffed attack and spd them.

Yet again i must insist not to mash spd’s you wont get any better by depending on luck,Lag,or the opponent messing up there execution. patience is key you never see the high level players mash that spd out all the time. The only time i usally mash a spd is when a opponoent jumps in to me with a Jumping LP. or Lk. more than half of the time when they do throught it out its not going to connect to become a block string. It can be but the timing is more strict so thats when i do it. dont mash it as a cross up just when there jumping at you with LP or LK.

Play and play and you will get into gief’s grove learn his pokes. if you want any tips just message me on the srk website here or on XBOX360 gamertag Greatn3ss im not the best but im willing to help any zangief player with tips

gief has plenty of shananigans learn them. love them. use them


Way less knockdowns, way more patience and footsies.


If you do want to mash the SPD in a blockstring, do it on things that the opponent is likely to mess up. Like if I’m getting RSF’d or Styled on I usually do it just because:
A. it’s something that’s very easy to mess up
B. Usually not something bread and butter level so the opponent probably hasn’t had as many repititions
C. Since they are focusing on execution, their less likely to go for an SPD/crouch tech punish

But, Greatness is right, it’s definitely risky and easily blown up.


If u mash spd/720 during every string then u suck, plain and simple. Almost every gief/hawk I play online does this.


Because the first time they get lucky they do it again and again. And because of that they get a spd out of pure luck,poor execution, and that sets the pace for them to start there offencive. and once they depend on that they will never get better untill they realise what there doing wrong.

They will get torn up by more smarter players


I lol’ed at “more smarter”.

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I am playing Gieffer more now. I just took some hints from Flash Metroid and just play a footsie game. punish with LP SPD. if not just build meter and EX green hand in to either get out of trouble or go through a spammer. Don’t mash the 720! 98% of the time you will lose the round with Full Revenge meter just begging you to use her, like that ex gf that just wants you one more time in the sack but you know she is trouble. Just say no and just LP and LK and lariate yourself out of trouble.

Mash720 = It’s so temping to do but you know it’s just a very bad idea.