New glitch: Can't DHC into Weapon X Rush?

I haven’t given this much testing with different characters, but I’ve discovered that I can’t DHC into a Sabretooth’s Weapon X Rush after performing Bison’s Pyscho Crusher. Instead, I get the Berserker Claw X super. I tried this a dozen times in case I muffed the controls, but the same result happens every time. It seems strange when there isn’t anything particularly unusual about the WXR. Has this happened to anyone else?

Yeah I sometimes have that problem DHCing into the Weapon X but its more of a problem with the control input for some reason the Berserker X prefers to come out but for best results I do like 3 fireball motions then PP

if i remember right it falls under that v ryu syndrome from a3 where when he activates the timing for a dp becomes exact instead of being able to do forward down forward.